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The search for greener pastures have taken many from home to distant lands. Every other day, changes take place and much of the changes are missed by the absentees. It is on this that I have decided to travel round the boundaries, nooks and coners of ebiraland capturing images of the land, its homes, roads, business and many more and publish for public view.

This blog is intended for publication of imagery from my camera as captured within ebiraland and not intended for commercial, political, abuse or otherwise campaign. Though support is duely sorted from ebirans viewing this blog, contents found here must not be copied, reproduced, commercialised or otherwise by any means whatsoever without the prior permission of the content provider. However, other intended usage of the contents by ebira viewers or any person not intended to cause harm and inconvinience to the blog owner or the blog itself is welcome and encouraged.

The usage of this blog should be striclty in compliance to the abov…