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Renowned entertainment impresario popularly called Ed Jatto in the music industry is now ‘born again’ as he has just released a new album titled Fuji Praise into the music shelf. Jatto latest work which is said to be borne out of his love and desire for God’s works is a bang. When we asked why he went gospel this time, “Irrespective of your background or believe, a man must do something to praise God. Whatever or whoever a man may be, God is the greatest, the Supreme Being, the Creator of heaven and the earth. Not until I become born again before I can sing His praises, it just came naturally” He informed us.
From all indications, good things seem to have been crawling in ever since his new belief about God as he has started a TV program called Jatto Live on Galaxy Television, Lagos, Nigeria.
“Why I started this TV show is because of the interest the advertisers shown to it’. I conceived the concept and I told some of them before I blink my eyes, they have all jumped to it. Maybe becaus…

EbiraView Magazine: Pages 3,4 and 5

Due to popular demand for this articles, we have snapped the pages and made it avalable for those who couldn't get the magazine.We have run out of our 2,000 copies. Rather printing more copies, the 2nd edition will soon be released.
Please click picture to download and save to your desktop, zoom to 100% and read the articles. The PDF format is available for download. [download here]

Towards a cashless Ebiraland

EbiraView plans to hold one of the biggest workshops in Ebiraland. It will focus on ATM and Cash cards; definitions, usage, security tips and other possibilities. It shall rally Ebira trades men, artisans, students and youths in general. Our objective is to reduce the movement of cash around Ebiraland and easing money transfer process from Ebira parents to their wards in higher institutions of learning across Nigeria.

Scheduled to hold at the newly built Okene Town Hall, the workshop is going to be first of its kind. Sponsorship is sought from Banks, Hotels, corporate individuals and well wishers to make this dream a reality. It is hoped that Ebiras without Cash cards (the ATM cards that allows cash transactions without necessarily having a bank account, an interswitch initiative) be provided with free cards at the venue. More detail coming soon.

It is noteworthy that as part of our committment to improving the status of Ebira youths, EbiraView has commenced campaigns for adoption of th…

Gorigo (beneseed or sesame seed) redefined

As one of the most cherished seeds by Anebira, Gorigo gift is the first most requested of an Ebira traveler arriving a destination from Ehi (home). 'Gorigo aami yo (where is my gorigo)?', his or her Ebira family, friends and colleagues would ask upon first sight. This is due to the rareness and unbeatable taste of the seeds.

The Ebira koto accuses Ebira Tao of migrating from their Koto community for the sole objective of Gorigo planting. Wether this is true or a mere joke is no longer important. Today, Gorigo is hawked by young Ebira girls around Motor parks as Ebiras travel from home. Spiced with roasted beans or ground nuts, Gorigo is a delicious traditional food Ebiras hate missing. Its soup 'Epe gorigo' is usually served with hot pounded yams. Inspite of the fame attributed to the seed by Anebira, it is hardly found among Ebira communities outside of Ebiraland. This scarcity informed the decisioon for modernisation of the gorigo business.

Ess Project Concept in conju…

Ebira Youth Of Note

Akim Aliu
Date of Birth: 24/04/1989
Birthcity: Okene, Nigeria
Height: 6.03
Weight: 209
Shoots: Right
Position: Right Wing
NHL Status: Eligible for 2007 NHL Draft
Acquired: Trade with Windsor
Career Notes: Windsors 1st round pick, 7th overall, in 2005Last Season - Sudbury Wolves29 GP, 7 G, 6 A, 13 Pts, 54 PIM,
About Akim Aliu : (born April 24, 1989 in Okene, Nigeria) is an amateur ice hockey player who is now playing for the London Knights. He was drafted 56th overall during the 2007 NHL Entry Draft by the Chicago Blackhawks.
During the 2006-2007 season, he helped the Sudbury Wolves of the OHL reach the league championship final. Sudbury lost the series to the Plymouth Whalers.Aliu was born in Nigeria and moved to Toronto at the age of 7. Before arriving in Canada, he spent some time in Kyiv, Ukraine, where his father had earned a scholarship to the university. While in the Ukraine Aliu learned Russian.[1]On Friday June 1st 2007 Aliu was traded to the London Knights in exchange for London'…

Yam's significance to Ebira culture

Ebira farmers are excellent in Yam farming. Mostly done through non-mechanised (manual) farming in the south western part of Nigeria like Ondo, Ekiti and beyond, the yam farming has become a reputation for Ebira farmers.

Anebira are renowned throughout Nigeria for the primary occupation: farming which once provided employment for well over 95 percent of the adult population. Subsistence farming is labour intensive. Farmers rely on such implements as holes and cutlasses. The size of the family correlates to the size of the farm. Family hands are deployed in such farm routines as clearing, tilling, thinning, planting, mulching, weeding and harvesting. They are also crucial in the transport of excess produce to the markets the sale of which, is used to finance the education of the children, buy the farming tools, clothes, medicines and save for the rainy day. (The Raji Report)

Before eating and sales of the new yams commence every year, the new yam festival is held to celebrate its arrival…