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EbiraView Magazine, 2nd edition

The 2nd edition of our magazine is NOW RELEASED! See pick up locations here
This edition focuses on the Ebira Yam Farming culture. Our tribute page showcases the profile profile of an enterprising Ebira son, Alhaji Afolabi Azeez. His arch of Europe award is an achievement worthy of sharing with entire Anebira.

We also feature an interview with Alhaji Suleiman AbdulMalik, the first son of Late Alhaji Abdulmalik Atta. Our article page adresses education as a panacea to poverty eradication in Ebiraland.

To book your free copy, call Aliyu on 234802 943 1154 or fill the request form here


Videos for the weekend

Ebira music industry is gradually rising owing to the recent effort by Calabash Films Production and Good Home production. Most of the new music artiste have adopted videos for better attraction.

We shall be sending you virtually all available musical videos henceforth.
This weekend, we are featuring Ozionozi and Soul mates.

EYI OSINI, By Soulmates


Oyiza Adaba; Celebrating a true Daughter of the Soil

Ebiras, though a minority tribe from the North Central region of Nigeria, are reknown for their excellence in whatever profession they belong. A common attribute of an average Ebira son or daughter is creativity; creativity that transcends all bounds. Such we have found in Oyiza Adaba.

Who is Oyiza Adaba [View her Gallery here]

Oyiza grew up in Jos, Nigeria with her 3 brothers and 3 sisters. She had the benefit of being raised in a successful family environment unlike the hardship that many in her county of a150 million people experience. With her mother being an administrative officer in Nigeria’s national broadcast television station and her father being one of Nigeria’s most successful TV personalities and later head of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Oyiza’s chosen career path came as no surprise.

‘I was born to be in media’, says Oyiza, who at an early age became fascinated with seeing her father anchoring the 7 o’clock news on Nigeria’s most popular television station. …