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Yar'adua as arbiter of Ebira peace

... Yet it is high time Ebiraland is freed of violence, and delay can be more than dangerous and less than hell. For that enduring peace, we cannot afford to be an inch away from telling it as it is before Mr. President (if we must not lead him to compounding the violence in the land, while deferring our progress till thy kingdom come). Mr. President, as you are considered the arbiter of Ebira Peace, one thinks it helpful letting you know that the whole bloody confusion suffered in Ebiraland today is rooted in one jointly known divisional totem clan. Clans in Ebiraland - as it worked with the demography, age, educational and technological insights of our forebears - are finding it difficult to fit in with the modern system of generational survival; its place in modern age remain as it was.That change remains a permanent condition is a joke in the presence of clans, leadership and followership in Eibraland.
Clannish totems remain the determinant of whom leadership caps fit, when it fit a…