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Celebrating the life of an ENIGMA, a loving Mother

Maria Onyioza Makoju the MATRIARCH of the MAKOJU family of Ebiraland was born in Okene, Karaworo district in 1922. She attended the RCMSchool where caught the eye of the young student teacher Augustine Bamidele Makoju who eventually married her on 28/12/1941. The young couple started and spent their early life outside Ebiraland, first in Asaba, DeltaState where Mr. Makoju was a teacher with the Roman Catholic Mission. There the young Ovavu Makozi today retired Bishop of Port Harcourt and certainly one of Nigeria’s most accomplished respected and loved Catholic Bishops joined them, and lived with two for years before starting his priesthood career. In Asaba, the Makojus were blessed with two sons; Joseph and Martin. Finally, they headed homewards to Okene to settle down and serve their homeland, and in Okene had their last three children; Monica, Charles and Jude. The family lost their youngest member Jude at the tender age of 28 years and he was survived by his son Onimisi.Maria, all …

Where went our maiden names?

Why are Ebira children not being taught to bear their names and speak Ebira language regardless of where they are raised?

Why if your name is Allahu Akbar or Ohomorihiohun, we are more likely to answer Allahu Akbar even though they both means the same thing?
Is this because we believe Allah is incapable of understanding other languages besides Arabic? Do you believe we can be Muslims by faith and still be Ebira as a people?

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