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'A New Song' As Anebira Head For 2011 Polls

By Ismail M. Kabir

  Few days to the kick-off of 2011 general elections, political rallies have become dominant of events across Ebiraland. With teeming candidates contesting various offices from different political parties, walls, stakes and every vacant space in the community are donned with political posters and billboards regardless of the township defacement and environmental effect of the waste as they subsequently wear off.

In sharp contrast to 2007 when a common ambition of producing the state Governor on the platform of Action Congress (AC) reigned supreme in Ebiraland, the people of Kogi central have apparently succumbed to defeat sequel to the overwhelming loss their gubernatorial aspirants witnessed in the hands of their Eastern counterparts during the PDP Governorship primaries held at the Lokoja Township stadium in January, producing the embattled Alh. Isah Jibril Echcho from Dekinah in Kogi East as the party’s governorship flag-bearer.

With all sense of harmony, one i…

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