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Okene: When the water runs dry

Ismail M. Kabir
In 2007, I told a story of my experience when I trekked uphill the Okunchi mountain top (click here for story). The strenuous hike not withstanding, I was deeply touched by the sight of feeble women and mal-nourished children laden with heavy duty gallons and water kegs descending the mountain at  early hour of the morning. Upon reaching the water source, I nearly broke down in tears at the sight of long queue of weary-looking women, girls and boys waiting for their 'turn' to fetch a brownish looking water from a small dug-out pond.
Today, water scarcity remains a major challenge faced by Ebira communities despite availability of about 3 major water stations; Osara Dam (Adavi LGA), Ekuku Dam and Okene Water works, the people can hardly enjoy this basic necessity of life as the water sources remain under-utilized by successive local and state governments.
Women and children now trek long distances in search of water except during Rainy season in a community that w…

An Orphan, Maths-Whiz Kid makes the Community Proud

By Ismail M. Kabir
At the 8th Annual National Mathematics Competition for Primary 5 & 6, Maths Whiz kids, Sekinat Ajoge, Firdausi Abdulsalami (both from LGEA Standard Primary School Onyukoko Okene) and Joseph Oriade Ajibola of Rock 'N' Garden private school Lokoja represented Kogi state at the final stage. Other states that made it to the final stage were also represented by three (3) pupils each from Abuja, Rivers, Ekiti, Enugu, Akwa Ibom, Delta, Edo, Cross River, Imo, Eboyi, Benue, Abia, Anambra, Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun and Ondo states.
Sekinat Ajoge (aged 10yrs), an Orphan and a primary 5 pupil from the only public school that participated in the competition scored 96.4898 to win the overall 2nd position losing the 1st place to Nonso Chibundo Emelumadu from St. Jude's Private School, Lagos who scored 97.16122.
She has been offered a 100% scholarship by Nigerian Turkish International College (Abuja Girls' Boarding) but now need financial support to complete her fee i…