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Adavi Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

By Alh. Ahmed Adoke
As inevitable facts of life dictates, the past makes the present, the present makes the future.
The ignoble present of the Adavi Local Government Area has compelled me to ask of glorious yester years of Adavi Local Government people right from the time when the entire Kogi Central Senatorial District is addressed as Igbirra Native Authority comprising Okehi and Okene districts respectively.
Who made Ebira thick then? The leadership of Igbirra Native Authority (ITU) under the colonial masters is not complete without the emphatic mention of the Atta of Igbirraland, His Royal Highness Alh. Ibrahim Onoruoiyiza Atta who hails from Adavi District of Ebiraland. His father, Late Adayi Otaru Kuroko, Opisa – the wealthy of his time and the mother Oyi-Ayi Iya-ebe a well traveled woman, daughter of Atta Omadivi, a wise brave visionary hails from Agada clan of Okene District of Ebiraland.
Without going into historical volumes of the past, the parental combination of late Ohinoyi of…

Road Walk/Public Sensitization on Breast Cancer holds in Ebiraland

By Ismail M. Kabir

The long awaited public campaign agaisnt Breast Cancer by the Initiative for the Awareness of Cancer in Women has been held successfully. We were overwhelmed by the energetic youth who took the Road Walk to full sensitization exercise through door to door education of our women on the need for early detection through Breast Self-examination. The long train that departed around 11.30am from Inoziomi, Adavi LGA made a first stop at the Azad palace where the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, HRM, Alhaji (Dr.) Ado Ibrahim cut his meeting with some community leaders short to attend to his children.

The Ohinoyi praised the courage of the youths for standing up against a menace that was fast becoming a household name in the land. While making reference to some victims of the ailment, Ohinoyi said that 'though I have not been personally affected by cancer, I feel deeply touched by the pains of those living with the ailment and family of its victims. I want to assure you that I am fu…