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Celebrating first year anniversary of OziOgumahi

By Ismail M. KabirTo many, the name Christy Chapman always rings a bell. Yes! She is closer to her community than many home-based individuals with whom she shares similar capacity.U.S based Chief Christy Chapman has been a source of benevolence to multitudes of the down trodden members of her immediate community and the Ebira society at large. Her life is characterized by philanthropic works devoid of discrimination. She considers every Ebira youth her own child, offering them support in all facet of life.Chief Christy Chapman has, besides other silent gestures, contributed to the educational development of Orphans, the youths and empowered widows among other numerous contributions to the well being of the less privileged.Worthy of mention is the donation of her house in Agassa that eventually became the first set of classrooms to an Orphanage school founded by Shehu Beida in Agassa Okene. Today, the school has attracted the intervention of World Bank.Chief Christy is loved by many, a…

Okene to Lokoja township on a Tricycle, an exciting adventure

Book Review: Sacred Pond