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Oyiza Adaba hosts TV Series: Messengers ©

From November 11th 2008, on Africa Magic (Tuesdays at 7:30pm) Messengers © brings exciting entertainment to your screen. Hosted by Oyiza Adaba and in partnership with telecoms company Zoom Mobile, Messengers © is a 30 minute high impact show that creates the needed platform for African arts & artists all over the world, and serves as a medium to communicate the beauty of our rich African culture and heritage as seen through the eyes of the artist.

The show’s reach currently covers sub-Sahara Africa on the Africa Magic Channel (DStv 114); in 2009, nationwide Nigeria, UK & U.S on Africa Independent Television (AIT & AIT International); and other regional stations such as Confluence Television (CTV) and Minaj Broadcasting Int’l (MBI). AFRICA-RELATED plans
to extend its reach through more stations like Voice of America (VOA Worldwide) and Black Entertainment Television (U.S) and Ben TV ( UK).

Host, Oyiza has traveled the world, has lived and worked in what she describes as ‘some of the most exciting cities on earth’. The daughter of veteran broadcaster Tom Adaba, Oyiza brings a vibrant and unique flair to the show with her ‘everyday conversation’ interviewing style, that keeps guests as ease and allows the viewers to experience much more of the heart of the artist.
With partners like Zizi Couture, Lekobak Couture, Terra Kulture, Zinc Bar NYC, La Saison Café and many others, the excitement of Season One will keep viewers glued to their screens as they await the exciting line up for Season Two. Messengers © also opens up unique marketing opportunities to advertisers and sponsors ho wish to create visibility for their products and services in international markets.

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