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Ebira Personality Profile: Dr. Ibrahim Salau

Dr. Ibrahim Salau is a US-based, world-class aviation expert This is the inspiring story of a highly acclaimed Nigerian from the North, Dr. Ibrahim Salau, a world-class aviation engineer.
He has a vast reservoir of knowledge and skill that is comparable to the best aviation engineers in the world today. He is well regarded and well sought after by top aviation companies of the world. It is my pleasure and privilege to be able to share the story of this humble unassuming man, an Aviation Engineer, who is an expert in the design and manufacture of the best helicopters and airplanes in the world. Dr. Salau’s dream is to be able to share his expertise with his home country, Nigeria to help or literally fly us to the level where we rightfully belong.
It is indeed very exciting to relate his story and experience. As an aviation engineer he has worked for such aviation and related industries as B/E Aerospace in Jacksonville, Florida; Delta Airlines in Atlanta Georgia; Sikorski…