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Senator Deen Draws Lawmakers Attention to TaoFM

The senator representing Kogi-Central  senatorial district, Nuru-deen Usman Abatemi has drawn the attention of the lawmakers at the senate house to Tao FM radio in Okene which was bombed by unknown gunmen recently.The Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Niger Delta Affairs who expressed himself on Wednesday while making contributions on the floor of the senate, presented the bombing of the station before the lawmakers.He urged the government to make necessary contributions to reviving the only working radio station in the district, despite that it is privately owned.Tao FM was bombed by unknown gunmen on the 27th April 2015 leaving four people dead.

Dokpesi Meets Adaba On Tao FM

The dust over the bombing of Tao fm radio station in Okene last week is yet to settle.How to rebuild the radio station as well as improve security for media houses in the country was the thrust of a meeting on Sunday between chairman emeritus of Daar Communications Plc, Aleogho Dokpesi, and a member of the board of directors of Tao fm, Tom Adaba.The meeting ended with a pledge by the Daar group to help rebuild Tao fm so it can resume transmission soon.A delegation from Daar Communications Plc, owners of AIT and Raypower fm, visited a board member of Tao fm.The meeting was to review the level of damage on the Okene-based community radio station, and the Daar group was there to explore ways of helping Tao overcome it’s immediate challenge.Tao fm board-member, Tom Adaba was still battling to understand why anyone would think of ever bombing a station that was bringing so much enlightenment to it’s kinsmen in Ebiraland.The Daar Group was offering the helping hand because it understood th…