Wednesday, October 22, 2014

4000 NYSC fee: House of Reps has betrayed Nigerian youths- ACT

 A youth political pressure group,  Advocates for Collective Transformation (ACT) has described the endorsement of 4000 online registration fee for NYSC mobilization by the House of Representative as a misrepresentation and betrayal of Nigerian youths.

ACT in a statement signed by its President, Tayo Fashogbon and National Secretary Isaac Ifetoluwa Ajayi describe the endorsement by House Committee on Youth Development Chairman, Hon Kamil Akinlabi despite public outcry against the fee as ‘evil endorsement of oppression’ of young people in the country.

The group said the action signals that youths cannot be assured of quality representation from its elected lawmakers.

The group said young people in the country are at greater risk with leaders like Hon Akinlabi representing Nigerian youth interests at the legislative chamber.

"Hon. Akinlabi and his committee has swallowed the NYSC pill to extort fresh Nigerian graduates, we wonder how it taste in their mouths. If Nigerian youths cannot be assured of quality representation from its elected lawmakers, our future is at greater risk.

"Representative like Hon Akinlabi and his committee members has failed promising young Nigerians who deserve better representation at decision making process at all level of governance."

The group called on the Speaker Hon. Aminu Tambuwal to immediately disband the committee on Youth for falling to protect the interest of Young Nigerians.

The group however insisted that it’s unfair, wicked and satanic to monetize any process of the NYSC scheme, saying there is no justification for the fee.

The youth group added that arguments that the fee charged is to provide technology at all NYSC offices across the country lacks merit, saying the NYSC has run for more than 40 years without charging any corps member for money and the scheme has not collapse.

 It maintained that the government has not says its broke to fund the scheme noting that the scheme stills takes more than 70percent of money allotted to the Ministry of Youths.

"We also call for immediate suspension of this fraudulent extortion of helpless and jobless fresh graduates who are eager to serve their fathers land. We called on President Goodluck Jonathan to immediately stop the online fee and ensure all prospective corps members who have been defrauded in this process are refund back their parent's hard earn money."

About ACT

ACT is an initiative of our non-governmental organization “The Oak Tree Initiative for Youth Empowerment” comprising of Nigerian Youths who are professionals from different fields of life.

Our  major objective is to campaign for the awareness; respect and advancement of the rights of youths.
And also promote the development of young people in leadership positions.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2015 Elections: Vote Not Fight

Vote Not Fight: Election No Be War!

The Pledge


Considering that active and peaceful participation of marginalized Nigerian youth in electoral and political processes would help them build a credible political voice, expand and occupy more political space, and develop the political influence and relationships needed to demand greater government accountability.

I pledge to promote peaceful youth participation in 2015 election and beyond and stand against violence before, during and after elections.

I solemnly pledge to participate in all elections peacefully and practice non-violence toward anyone whether they belong to the party I believe in or not or support the candidate I believe in or not.

I pledge to serve as an ambassador of the “Vote Not Fight Campaign” and preach the message of peace and the use of peaceful political means for raising youth concerns and promote nonviolence in Nigeria’s electoral and political processes.

As a mark of commitment to this pledge, I will:

Encourage other individuals, politicians and organizations to promote the “Vote Not Fight” campaign and peaceful participation in electoral and political processes in Nigeria.

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