Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2015 Elections: Vote Not Fight

Vote Not Fight: Election No Be War!

The Pledge


Considering that active and peaceful participation of marginalized Nigerian youth in electoral and political processes would help them build a credible political voice, expand and occupy more political space, and develop the political influence and relationships needed to demand greater government accountability.

I pledge to promote peaceful youth participation in 2015 election and beyond and stand against violence before, during and after elections.

I solemnly pledge to participate in all elections peacefully and practice non-violence toward anyone whether they belong to the party I believe in or not or support the candidate I believe in or not.

I pledge to serve as an ambassador of the “Vote Not Fight Campaign” and preach the message of peace and the use of peaceful political means for raising youth concerns and promote nonviolence in Nigeria’s electoral and political processes.

As a mark of commitment to this pledge, I will:

Encourage other individuals, politicians and organizations to promote the “Vote Not Fight” campaign and peaceful participation in electoral and political processes in Nigeria.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Celebrating Professor Ogirima

Born on January 7th 1962.
After his primary education, he  proceeded to obtain SC/WAEC from St. Augustine College Kabba in 1980 as best over all student.

Graduated from ABU Medical School with award of best Pathology graduating doctors' award in 1986.

Won the best NYSC in River state in 1988.

Became an Orthopaedic Surgeon consultant in 1997.

With several awards from both National and international recognised professional/ academic/ community/Clubs and religious bodies.

One of the Stake holders in Tao FM Station.

Member Board  of Trustee MENTORS CLUB NIGERIA. Currently President general, Nigerian Orthopaedic Association.

Distinguish ladies and gentlemen of   PA, kindly  join us and other well wishers to celebrate our brother,
Professor  Ozovehe Mike Ogirima, MB;BS, FMCS (Ortho.), FAOI, FICS, FWACS.

Date: 19-10-2014 @ No:8B Kwatto Close, Behind Access bank, Ungwa Rimi GRA Kaduna.

Opposite Plateau State Governors' Lodge.

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