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Sunday, May 01, 2016

This Change is ours; Let blow our own Trumpet

By Muhammed D. Adano

The late sir Ahmed Bello,  Premier of the northern Nigeria once said that " If we do not blow our own Trumpet no one would do so for us -for they are too busy blowing theirs".
I was privileged to attend Governor Yahaya Bello inauguration January 27th, 2016 at Lokoja. One of the speakers, a bonafide Kogites, a distinguished senator representing the good people of Kogi West senatorial district  spoke on 'How God win'. Senator Dino Melaye began by saying that the vote of Almighty God has won. He went further to say that the people of Kogi state from Central, East and to the West casted their votes for Prince Abubakar Audu but God voted for Alhaji Yahaya Bello  and returned elected". #Godwin-Ohomorihi Ohun. God has spoken why some people contesting with the word of God.
The stadium witness reverberated with ovation and my Governor Yahaya Bello wept openly during his inaugural speech presentation. Before leaving the podium, the Governor posited that "change has come to Kogi state. I may be the Torch bearer, and custodian of it, but you the great united people of Kogi state are it's owners and proprietors. Let us arise together, take our collective Destiny in our hands and go forth excitedly to chart our New Direction. Kogi, THIS CHANGE IS YOURS".
Indeed, this change of everybody, of nobody is ours  as our Governor is working the talk through abolition of state /local government joint allocation and intact the local gov't allocation Autonomy.
The GYB is working the talk through civil service reforms in Kogi state uncovered Unimaginable ghost workers.
The construction and rehabilitation of roads and drainage were ongoing in the state. In other to put back smile into the Kogi state words face, the Governor properly applying for bailout and CBN just approved it for Kogi state whilst vote of confidence passed on Gov. Yahaya Bello by our respected royal fathers and Chiefs in the state is enough testimonies, sign of integrity and a hallmark to people's Governor. Kudos to New Direction!
Fostering enmity is the meanest of all human activities. Unfortunately creating enmity between the Governor and the people, the governing party and so on been promoted by some Kogi state APC chieftain requires nothing more than a good helping of stupidity served up with poor judgement and a disregard for constituted authority and peoples feelings. This people soon find themselves surrounded by a host of people wrangling, cursing and hating at TAO FM Radio Okene met their water low at the exit of the interviewed venue was clear testimony that public were not happy with their ultrances whilst the same audience applauded the follow up rejoinder led by the S.A on SDG, Arch. Abdulmumin Okara at the same station by pin pointing with figures and facts about what Governor Yahaya Bello govt has  achieved, doing and want to do in carrying everybody along through the "New Direction- change mafara govt" was clear message to 'Nay' supporters that 'Aye' have it.
It seems sensible to think that the more sincere and objectives the person is, and the more that person safeguards his/her tongue from rashness and thoughtless speech, the safer that person will be from the abuse of others.
If truth must be told as I often repeat that their action mocked love and romanced hate. If his strategy was to deceive unsuspecting party supporters, then the available facts cannot be their ally.
Between the meritocracy and mediocrity! Last week I visited Okene to congratulate my mentor spiritual and temporary, Sheikh Luqman Bin Imam over his recent appointment as a permanent member one of  Kogi state pilgrimage board by His Excellency Yahaya Bello. Also learnt that the son of a notable Sheikh Yusuf Lokoja were appointed as well and chaired by Engr.Rabiu Sadiq whose experience and knowledge about the Hajj expectations and challenges can not be doubtful.
I feel happy when I recall how the realization of His Excellency that for him to succeed, the state has to move from self serving - driven to merit service - driven. The people's Governor give me satisfaction when the New Direction continue to appointing three honest serving men to help delivered the electoral promises.
Their names are: i, What have you done. ii, what are you doing. iii, what have you planned to do.
Those names mentioned are men not after ruling or significance but service and usefulness. Because position is not about importance but relevance. Those men of integrity, wisdom, vision, expirence and with the fear of God Almighty may be scarce but where ever my Governor find them why not called them, what stop GYB not to even beg them to come and aides his government to succeed. Life get better when you are connected to the people who are committed to a cause far bigger than themselves.
Those who want to be a masters in hell rather than servant in heaven did not want to hear New Direction's blocking financial linkages, fighting corruption, uncovered ghost workers, uniting clans and tribes, familiarizing our royal fathers, advancing meritocracy and burying god fatherism in the state.
Therefore it is better just to leave the wailers wailing and avoid time consuming and diverts the mind away from more pressing issues that affect the state and the people.
John Ruskin rightly put it that "You may either win your peace or buy it. Win it by resistance to evil; buy it, by compromise with evil".
Pro bono publico, let blow the New Direction Trumpet to win peace by resistance to evil and for our state to win the glory and our Governor to be honoured by posterity Insha Allah.

Mohammed Dauda Adano
Writes from Kano.



The menace of ghost workers has taken a dangerous dimension in Kogi state over the years. Today in the state; there exist ghost workers and ghost ministries, ghost schools and ghost staff, ghost contractors and ghost contracts, ghost pensioners and retirees all of which continue to drain the state's coffers thereby renders it incapable of carrying out its basic responsibility of providing infrastructure, maintenance of law and order and so on.

No doubt the astronomical unemployment rate in Kogi state and In the country today is in part exacerbated by the widespread incidence of ghost employees in both State and Local governments’ administration. As a direct consequence of this fraud, qualified kogites and Nigerians often find it difficult to get a space in both government and private establishments whose nominal rolls are brimming with fictitious characters but who nonetheless monthly cream out humongous pay checks from their victim establishment.

According to the May/June 2001 edition of the Fraud Magazine, “a ghost employee is simply someone on the payroll who doesn’t actually work for the victim company. Through the falsification of personnel or payroll records a fraudster causes pay checks to be generated to a ghost.” It added that a ghost employee may be a fictitious person or a real individual who simply doesn’t work for the victim employer. “When the ghost is a real person, it’s often a friend or a relative of the perpetrator. “In order for a ghost employee scheme to work,” it said, “four things must happen: The ghost must be added to the payroll, timekeeping and wage rate information must be collected, a pay check must be issued to the ghost, and the check must be delivered to the perpetrator or an accomplice.”

Even though this fraudulent system has been embraced and maintained by highly placed civil servants in state and for ages now, it is lamentable that no deterrence has been applied to cleans the system in the past. For the perpetrators who annually cream off millions of naira from government coffers into their private pockets for work not done, the immoral and ungodly business continues to expand its cancerous territory. It had become so pervasive that it convulsed the entire bureaucracy in the state and country. All past attempts at curtailing the gorgon-medusa in Kogi state apparently failed as the perpetrators and their accomplice became more sophisticated and seemed always a step ahead of those charged with weeding them out.

  In kogi state when the past administration of Capt Wada attempted to sanitize the state civil service, the engineers of ghost workers who are also civil servants muscled their ill-gotten wealth, instigated the organized Labour against the good intention of the government, accusing it of attempting to sack civil servants. Various forces were used and the exercise was scuttled.

For Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, ghost worker syndrome constitute one of the drain pipes of public funds in the state. The governor said in Okene, headquarters of the Kogi Central Senatorial District, that the role of some officials of the state civil service, who he said are constituting a cog in the wheel of progress of the state. The governor revealed that the screening exercise conducted by a committee set up for that purpose had uncovered how a single person included “as many as 300 ghost workers in the payroll of a local government” at the detriment of development of the council area.
And as the screening exercise continues, more staggering revelations are coming out on daily basis. So far, 946 ghost schools with over 6,000 staff have been uncovered while at the local government and state levels, thousands of ghost workers have been so far uncovered. The only way the welfare of the genuine workers can be improved and jobs created is to ensure the state is free of ghost workers, therefore, Gov Yahaya BELLO's spirit in exorcising the ghost workers from Kogi state must be commended. The governor is carrying out this exercise without fear or Favour, devoid of ethnic and religious sentiments; attribute that was lacking in the past.

While I encourage both the federal, state and local government administrations to continue to evolve cutting edge technological solution to prevent the ghost worker menace, the relevant anti-corruption and security agencies must of necessity ensure that human agents responsible for the financial haemorrhage and sabotage are named, shamed and prosecuted to serve as a stopper for all such brazen acts of thievery and squandermania.

Sanitizing the civil service system in Gov Yahaya Bello's way means the state will save money for development which will have impact on the lives of the people.

-Onogwu Isah Muhammed write from

Oba of Benin: Exit of First Class Cultural Ambassador - Gov Bello

Mary Amodu- Lokoja

The Kogi State, Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello expressed shock in the demise of the Oba of Benin, HRM Omo N'oba Erediuawa as loss of the nation's gourd of history and tradition "one of the nation's most revered royal fathers,  a monumental loss to the Benin Kingdom, Edo State and the nation.

The departed royal father is one of Africa's finest cultural Ambassadors and a pragmatic leader with a chemistry of ancient values and modern leadership.

In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Kingsley Fanwo, Governor Bello described the late Oba as a promoter of Afro-centric solutions to challenges confronting Africa and father to all who believes in a united and prosperous Nigeria.

Bello express his heart-felt sympathies to the Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole over the loss of an invaluable father, adviser and an inestimable companion in the advancement of Edo values and development." I pray for the repose soul of the departed royal father, also ask for God to grant the family, Edo people and Nigerians the fortitude to bear the great loss". he said

The Governor credited the economic prodigy of the Benin Kingdom to the astuteness of the effervescent royal father who will continue to live in the memories of our great nation for mulching the cultural heritage of one of Africa's most powerful kingdoms.

He said the anti-corruption community has lost a fearless advocate of transparency and prudent management of the commonwealth of the people at a time the Buhari-led administration is making uncompromising efforts at banishing corruption from our polity.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


President Muhammadu Buhari has received with sadness and an immense feeling of great national loss, news of the passing away of the highly revered traditional ruler of Benin Kingdom, Omo  n'Oba n'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Erediauwa.

On behalf of the Federal Government, President Buhari extends sincere condolences to Governor Adams Oshiomhole,  the people of Benin Kingdom and Edo State on the passage of the beloved monarch who had ruled over his people since his ascension to the throne in 1979.

The President extends  special  commiserations to  Crown Prince Eheneden Erediauwa and other members of the late Oba's immediate family.

President Buhari assures them of the fullest sympathy and solidarity of the Federal Government and all Nigerians as they mourn Oba Erediauwa who will always be remembered as one of the most outstanding traditional rulers of his era.

As the late Oba goes to join his very illustrious royal ancestors, President Buhari believes that his place of honour in the history of the Benin Kingdom and Nigeria has been assured by his long and highly successful career as a public servant, administrator  and chief custodian of the much celebrated culture and traditions of his people.

The President prays that God Almighty will receive the late Oba's soul and grant him peaceful repose.

He also prays that God will grant Crown Prince Erediauwa the wisdom and courage he will require to build on the laudable legacies of Oba Erediauwa.

Femi Adesina
Special Adviser to the President
(Media & Publicity)
April 29, 2016

Kogi to Focus on Youth Empowerment Programmes

The present administration of Alhaji Yahaya Bello has restated its commitment towards ensuring that youths in the state are carried along in all its programmes and policies.

This assurance was given last week by the special Adviser to the governor on youths; sports and students affairs, Comrade Arome Adoji, while speaking on behalf of the present administration in the state during an award presentation ceremony by the Education Management students Association of the University of Ibadan, F.C.E Okene undergraduate programme.

Speaking, comrade Arome who said “the government of Alhaji Yahaya Bello is a government of the youths” disclosed that within the short time this administration came on board, it has granted scholarship to 500 Kogi State students schooling in Kwara State.

He also disclosed that the present administration is presently in discussion with the central bank of Nigeria for a loan facility that would be channelled to empower about 5,000 youths of the state.

The special Adviser to the governor who said that the present administration in the state plan to build youths capacity through skill acquisition, urge them to give their full support to the administration.

Also speaking, the provost of the federal college of Education Okene, Assoc. Professor Iyela Ajayi congratulated the governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello on his election/ assumption of office and assured him of the support of the FCE Okene.

He seized the opportunity to appeal to the governor to come to the aid of the institution to enable the institution solve some of its teething problems.

While expressing his gratitude for the award conferred on him by the Education Management students Association of the college, the provost, who promised not to let the students down, described the award as a call to greater service.

He assured the students that the college’s management under him would continue to strive to meet their needs, while urging them to be of good conduct at all times.

Earlier in his speech, the president of Education Management Students Association, Comrade Ishaku Jalaludeen, said the award is in appreciation of the efforts of leaders of the college’s host community that contributed to the promotion and success of the college’s undergraduate programme. He commended the efforts of the state governor in giving hope to the youths of the state.

Other beneficiaries of the leadership award are Dr. Godwin Oyibo, Engr. Abubakar S.Ohere, Dr. Godwin Ogli, Dr. H. Suleiman, Mrs. Cecilia Omeiza and HRM, Ohinoyi of Ebira, Dr. Ado Ibrahim.

Credit: The Graphic

Friday, April 29, 2016


It is no gainsaying that the 6th NEC of the Ebira Youth Congress, at inauguration, inherited a seemingly more volatile Ebira terrain featured with a messy security situation. To say the least, the land has appeared more vulnerable, hapless and helpless in recent times as such that could not be let be by the EYC naturally. Amidst the insecurity episode, suddenly occured the regrettable loss of one youth-agitator against the epileptic power supply. And of course, the stride of the EYC to immediately quell the dust raised therefrom cannot be taken away. On-the-spot assessment, meetings with the relevant axes, mass media plea and sue for calm were our major potent activation unto the feat.

For the records, the occasion of our inauguration as the EYC National Executive Council was held as Ebira youths wallowed in the shared melancholy of a statesman - Pastor Joseph Suleiman, whose son was still languishing in the ruthless hands of his captors. After then till now, suchlike iniquities are still being unfolded upon unravelling the mystery of the former. This is really sorry and not funny.

The evil of kidnapping has come to stay with us with its attendant dynamics that range from ransom to theft and mayhem. Abobo/Itakpe zone has been their comfort operational haven in recent times. Their operations have become exceedingly fierce to have, in their last onslaught, prevailed on one youth to a near-death.

Itakpe Iron Ore is a treasure that can rival oil if properly harnessed in this country, and despite its national neglect, steady maintenance and security of its machineries are still due to prevent its rust and total shut-down. The maintenance workforce and especially the security agents now fall prey to the machination of kidnappers.

The EYC equally gathered that the entire steel site has been in a total light out for the past two years due to the debt owed the Power Distribution Company. Precisely in the last year, the site's Sole Administrator once sought the understanding of Ebira youths on his proposal to cart-sale some concentrates to offset the electricity bills, but the steady general blackout still experienced there today has eased operations for these hoodlums while some unsuspecting security men are bitten and killed by reptiles.

Even the resident Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the steel site - DSP Oyelere Shola, who spoke very convincingly on his combat-readiness, also decried the pitiable power-security mess bedevilling their operations, the site and other residents. The DPO has charged the state governor and the entire community to be co-operative with the police and in support of the Federal Government's efforts. The EYC as a body has viewed the whole situation from an altar of sober reflection and hence pledges collectivism, patriotism and intelligence gathering.

Finally, the general public is hereby urged to show a high level of co-operation and understanding in the task of community policing. An emergency distress s/hot line was read as 09053978413.

Thanks you all!

How Far Can Yahaya Bello Go With Kogi Criminals?

By Otori Ozigi

As we are all already aware, one of the key components of the change agenda of the present Federal Government under the watchful eyes of President Muhammadu Buhari is the ongoing total war on corruption and other financial crimes. It is an incontrovertible fact that the greatest problem of Kogi State since its creation in 1991 is the hydra-headed monster of unbridled corruption and impunity; it is arguably  safe to say that the full story of corruption and its havoc in the state would probably take another generation to tell- there is enough evidence on ground to suggest that there is full scale corruption in low and high places in all facets of our lives.

The culture of corruption in all institutions and organizations in both formal and informal sectors of the state has been promoted to a height where it is a way of life. No profession is a saint or an exception in this unwholesome phenomenon that has contributed in no small measure to bringing Kogi state on her kneels over the years.

The state civil service system have become a terrible fertile breeding ground and a safe sanctuary for all manner of morally depraved and bankrupt common criminals that have found their ways into sensitive and critical revenue generating ministries and parastatals in the state.

This write up is therefore provoked by the sordid revelations coming from the ongoing screening exercise by a high powered committee set up by the Alhaji Yahaya Bello led administration in February this year to put an end to the worrisome problem of 'ghost workers syndrome' in the state civil service system. Even though the committee is yet to complete its assignment, the snippets of its findings in public domain so far, point to the fact that a lot of cans of worm have already been uncovered in the course of their exercise.

The recent statement credited to the state governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello to the effect that his administration would soon shock those he rightly called 'Kogi criminals' is a valid confirmation that the state had become a cesspool of corruption that we are going to witness the details when the committee finally submits its report to government. From available statistics on corruption in the past, I make bold to say that what we are likely to witness soon is only a tip of the iceberg since we are already aware that there is large scale corruption in the state.

For example, a recent committee set up by the government of Captain Idris Ichala wada in April 2012, to review the Sally Tibot staff audit exercise in its report indicted 8 different government offices for their alleged roles in the ghost workers scam in the state. These ministries and parastatals singled out for constant monitoring include those of Works, Agriculture, Health, Education, Office of the Head of Service, Office of the Accountant General, Health Management Board as well as the Science and Technical Education Board (STEB).

It would be recalled that the chairman of that committee and former commissioner for Budget and Planning Alhaji Sani Adamu, while submitting the report, called on the then government to place a continuous search light on the indicted ministries and parastatals, to stem the tide of high scale corruption in the civil service.

Captain Idris Ichala Wada, while receiving the report had boasted that: “my administration will take a holistic  approach in tackling the challenges of corruption in the sector", just as he said his administration was determined to find lasting solution to the problem of ghost workers syndrome in the interest of "sustained development in the state”. He further lamented that “a situation where most individuals out of dishonesty are getting paid for doing no work is bad for Kogi and the country. I can assure you that their days are numbered”, he stressed. That was what he promised in April, 2012, few months after his assumption of office.

However, it has become evidently clear that Captain Idris Ichala Wada did not show enough political will to match his words with action, until he was rightly voted out of office in the last gubernatorial election in the state.
It is pertinent to note that since the establishment of both EFCC and ICPC, during the regime Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the operatives of these anti-graft agencies have visited Kogi state more than any other state in the country to investigate copious petitions written against some corrupt civil servants and political office holders. As at today, both EFCC and ICPC are still prosecuting no fewer than fifty former public servants at various competent courts of jurisdiction in Kogi state according to official records obtained by this writer last week in the course of an investigation on the status of court cases hanging on the necks of those who allegedly stole our commonwealth in their official capacities in recent time.

Recall that the EFCC last week in Lokoja, successfully obtained the conviction of a former member of the Kogi state house of assembly Mr. Gabriel Daudu, who was sentenced to two years imprisonment for a N1.400 billion fraud committed while he held sway as a former care-taker chairman of one of Nigeria’s smallest local government areas (Ogori Magongo Local Government Area). This, available records, show that there are no fewer than five other former Local Government Chairmen and officials of Kogi State Government that are still standing trials at the same Federal High court in Lokoja for similar alleged criminal cases of abuse of office, under the present democratic dispensation.

In the same vein, it is safe to say that if the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello decide in the nearest future to “shock Kogi Criminals”, as being uncovered in the ongoing screening exercise by seeking their prosecution at the appropriate courts, there is every possibility that such indicted corrupt civil servants may end up at Koton-Karfe Prison and other prisons sooner or later, if diligent convictions can be established against them.

Public analysts and commentators are of the view that the tough-talking governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, should show enough political will to match his words with actions, in his avowed determination to achieve zero corruption in the state.

The days of accountability and transparency in the affairs of our dear state is inevitable. Let it begin with you and me. The struggle continues.

Otori Ozigi, a veteran journalist and social critic, writes from Lokoja.

Kogi House of Assembly: Adoke moves Motion seeking provision of motorized boreholes for Nagazi people


Whereas: Water is one of the basic necessities of life that has no substitute, therefore, making it an unavoidable essential need of human beings.
Whereas:  To this, every successive Government strives to ensure adequate portable water supply for her electorates as one of the dividends of democracy.
Whereas:  The people of Nagazi in Adavi Local Government Area of Kogi State are facing their critical moment with acute shortage of water supply because their source of getting water is nothing to write home about.
Whereas: If urgent action is not taken, the Area is prone to outbreak of water borne diseases and prevention is better than cure.
Whereas: To ensure that the inhabitants of Nagazi is prevented from future water infection and to equally feel the impact of democratic change, be it therefore, resolved as follow:
1. That an appeal be made through the resolution of this august House that the Government of His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State, in his magnanimity provide six (6) boreholes with Generating Sets through the relevant Ministry/Agency to the people of Nagazi in Adavi Local Government.
I so moved.

Hon. Muktar Bello Adoke,
Member, Adavi Constituency.

Natasha and Ajaokuta; the untold story

By Usman Jamiu.

For every great mind that have been following the agitation for the revival of Ajaokuta, Natasha will be a familiar name. Natasha Akpoti is the daughter of a renown Ebira Medical practitioner, Dr Akpoti. Late doctor Akpoti was no doubt a man whose legacy in the medical field and his impact to Ebira land can not be forgotten in a jiffy.

Natasha Akpoti is a barrister, industrial expert and human activist. Her passion to see our teeming youths succeed and in turn earn a decent living led to the establishment of a well known NGO, Builders Hub. Through the said NGO, she has touched the life of millions of Nigerian youths across the length and breath of the country. I reckon with her great virtues when she flagged off the search program for indigenous craft men and women across the three senatorial constituency of Kogi sate. So many people have defined this rear gem as a goal getter with a golden heart, I on the other hand calls her a "woman who knows and does too much". Natasha Akpoti's humanitarian service has cut across all ages, religion, clanish and tribal sentiment. It was reported some months ago that she celebrated her birthday day with some school pupils in the very heart of Ihima where she offered scholarship to over 500 of them. She has consistently shown that the gap between the rich and the poor can be bridge if only the affluent among us will emulate her virtues.

Long before now, the agitation for the revival of Ajaokuta has never received any serious attention both from the government of the day, by our so-called leaders or even the international community. But today, I can tell you without missing words that since Natasha got involved in this struggle, a lot of things has changed. Remember that to change any situation that some cabals are benefiting from in this country, you must step on toes, and this young woman is stepping on them, with every confidence. She has been able to expose majority of the people who are secretly acting as a setback to the revival of Ajaokuta, and even as she gets several threats, she has not stepped back an inch. She said " when I make up my mind on anything, I make sure am done doing it to the peak before I look back".

She has earned my respect, because, just like yesterday she started this journey, and in less than a year, several interviews from both National and international television networks have lined her profile. She has been able break through to the presidency, gave counter views to the stand of the Minister of Mining, and turned down several selfish moves from the cabals to get her attention away from Ajaokuta and probably enrich her herself to the detriment of our poor people. But, she is standing tall and every time, she assures me that Ajaokuta will work soon.

It's quite unfortunate that no one from all our loud mouth politicians is coming to her aid. The former Senator representing Kogi Central made Ajaokuta revival the core of his political manifesto before he got one term of office at the upper chamber of the National Assembly. In four years, all he gave us was tales by moonlight. Today, I expect him to throw behind this strong woman struggling for our fathers land. But, it's the normal trend, you will not see them until electioneering time again. I asked her about the big noise maker of the Senate, Senator Dino Melaye, and it wasn't different from Deen's reaction.

She was in Russia days ago, and it's still in course of this. She is using her hard earned money to fight the course of the masses. She believes in fair treatment for all. While most of our politicians are siphoning the money meant for the development of our constituency, Natasha in other hand is left alone in this tough task.

I write as a concern citizen whose conscience is very much alive. I write as a man who knows that we shall account for all our deeds on earth before God someday. I write as a man who jealously guard the truth. I write as an advocate for a new Ebira land, without oppression or sentiment.

I appeal to anyone who share this same attribute with me to please roll out drums to create awareness on the mission of this selflessness icon of our time. She needs our support, at least, if not financially, but in prayers and orientation to those who cannot assess news.

As I wish her well in all her struggle, I will continue to pray that God Almighty will make her the David of our time.
Together we shall make Kogi, Ajaokuta and of course Ebira land the industrial hub of Africa. When this happens, Ebira land with be a great destination and it will not only boost of economy, it will also eradicate poverty and the restlessness we have withness over the years.

Usman Jamiu
Principal Strategist
Positive Planet Worldwide.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Sani-Omolori was appointed N’Assembly Clerk ahead of Efeturi’

NASS Commission boss replies Saraki, refuses to withdraw Clerk’s appointmentApril 26, 2016

Saraki rejects Omolori as Clerk to the National AssemblyApril 22, 2016

National Assembly gets new ClerkApril 20, 2016

Senate, Reps postpone resumption date as leadership crises persistJuly 18, 2015

Saraki appoints Chief of Staff, media aideJune 23, 2015

Details of how the National Assembly Service Commission nominated Mohammed Sani-Omolori ahead of Ben Efeturi for the position of the acting Clerk to the National Assembly, have emerged.

The Commission had last Wednesday picked Mr. Sani-Omolori, currently the Clerk of the House of Representatives, as the next Clerk to the National Assembly.

He will succeed Salisu Maikasuwa, who is proceeding on retirement leave on May 14.

The Commission said Mr. Sani-Omolori would assume duties on May 13.

However, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who is the Chairman of the National Assembly, has faulted the procedure adopted in choosing the new acting Clerk.

He argued in a letter to the chairman of National Assembly Service Commission, Adamu Fika, that Mr. Efeturi should have been considered for the position since he (Efeturi) is currently the deputy clerk.

“The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives were informed that Mr. Efeturi was not considered for the appointment because he was not duly appointed as Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly,” Mr. Saraki said in the letter signed by his Chief of Staff, Isa Galaudu.

“On further enquiry, we found he was duly appointed by the National Assembly Service Commission vide Extract from Minutes of its 403rd Meeting held on Friday, 21st November, 2014.

But in a memorandum, he submitted to the 440th meeting of the Commission held on April 20, Mr. Fika explained that Mr. Efeturi was not appointed to the position because he would proceed on retirement leave on August 2.

He said in conformity with the convention and practices of the service no officer who has less than six months to retire would act in higher office.

“Mr. Benedict Efeturi, who presently acts as Deputy Clerk to National Assembly, will also proceed on his three months terminal leave on 2nd August, 2016 days before the end of the current Clerk’s terminal leave,” he said.

“It is neither expedient nor in conformity with convention and practices of the Service for an officer who has less than six months left to retire from service to act in a higher office.

“Mr. Mohammed Sani-Omolori, the present Clerk of the House of Representatives who therefore remains the next most senior officer in the services of the National Assembly will remain in service till 2021.”

Meanwhile, there are indications that Mr. Saraki opposition to Mr. Sani-Omolori’s appointment was in violation of the Act establishing NASC as amended.

According to the Acts, the Commission is not subjected to the direction of any authority or person in considering anybody for appointment.

Section 6 (8) of the Act says, “In exercising its power to make appointments or exercise disciplinary control over persons, the Commission shall not be subjected to the direction or control of any authority or person.”

It is not clear if the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, would back the decision of Mr. Saraki to oppose the appointment of Mr. Sani-Omolori’s appointment.

The senate president had claimed in his letter that he and the speaker were misled and misinformed by Mr. Fika during the appointment process.

One of Mr. Dogara’s aides, who requested not to be named because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, told this newspaper that the speaker was not in support of the senate president.

The aide alleged that although Messrs Efeturi and Sani-Omolori joined the clerk cadre the same day – March 25, 2010, the latter was junior in rank and was chosen ahead of him (Sani-Omolori) for the position of deputy clerk.

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