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Monday, October 05, 2015

Labour Party as Clear Alternative Needed to rule Kogi State.

The Labour Party in Kogi State received with shock the statement creditted to the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress APC in Kogi State, Alhaji Hadi Ametuo  stating the readiness of the party's flag bearer in the coming governorship election in Kogi State Prince Abubakar Audu, to refund the Eleven Billion Naira he allegedly stole from the coffers of Kogi State, which throws the state into state of disrepair and poverty ridden for which he is being tried by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC now. If such party is voted for, the first task will be to deep hand inside state covers again and also towards the end still mismanage the lean pocket in the state.

We were shock because a party which prides itself as change agents could attempt to once again cajole our people into voting a candidate whose only legacy while he once had opportunity of governing the state was huge debts and mismanagement of the commonwealth of our people. 

We must say we are grateful to God that such admittance of guilt is coming from the APC itself and this therefore is an eye opener for our people on the credibility of those who are seeking to lead our dear state in the next four years. We call on the good people of Kogi State to immediately commence a demand for the refund of the State's N11billion naira Illegally taken  from the state and Kogites must ensure that there is no opportunity as such for him to return to the Lugard house as a condition for refund as advocated by his party's Chairman but rather to make the refund and pay for fund mismanagement that belongs to a state. Electorates must thus not vote for him to return back as a vote to return him will further impoverish our state.

In the same vein, we view the continued refusal of Governor Idris Wada to release the bailout fund accruable to Kogi State for the purpose for it was meant for. Till date, civil servants in our State particularly the teachers are agonizing based on the inability of the Wada led government to pay their outstanding arrears despite deceiving billions in bailout from the Federal government.

The actions of the PDP and APC in Kogi State the very recent time have confirmed our previous assertions that government in the books of these elements is about themselves and their immediate families, not the welfare of our people.

The coming election therefore offers our people the long awaited hope for credible alternative and visionary leader which the Labour Party's candidate, Dr. Phillips Salawu has brought into the race.
Never again will our people be made slaves in our land and  resources of the state must always be utilized to the benefit of the real owners, the Kogi people.

We therefore urge our suffering civil servants, the artisans, youths and other people of Kogi to persevere in the few days left for the Idris Wada's administration while assuring also that never shall our dear State witness the locust years of governance like that of Prince Abubakar Audu.

With Labour Party and Dr. Phillips Salawu, we no doubt have brighter days ahead.

God bless Kogi State.

Oiza .........
SA media
For Kogi LP Candidate.

A plea to revive Ajaokuta Steel Company

Dear Nigerians,  Kindly sign the campaign below soliciting the Federal Government's attention to urgently revive Ajaokuta Steel Company.

This project is a must for Nigeria's economic diversification and a sure bedrock for our industrialization and job creation.

Come on, let's sign and share. One love. One Nigeria.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kogi APC governorship primary elections: Prince Audu wins

The keenly contested All Progressives  Congress  (APC) primary election for the 2015 Kogi governorship election has come to an end.

Prince Abubakar Audu, a former governor of Kogi State emerged the winner, polling a total of 1,109 votes to clinch the ticket.

The election, headed by Governor Nasir elRufai of Kaduna state had 28 aspirants from the three senatorial zones of Kogi State.

The exercise which held at the Lokoja Confluence stadium commenced on Saturday, August 29th 2015 and lasted till about 10:00am of Sunday 30th August,  2015.

About 3, 004 accredited APC delegates cast the ballots that produced the party flag bearer for November 26 governorship  election in Kogi State.

See result below:

1. Alh. Yahaya Bello  -  701
2. Sen. Nicholas Y. Ugbane  - 8
3. Haliru Sani Shaibu  -  1
4. Hon. Suleiman Baba Ali -28
5. AVM Saliu Atawodi -  183
6. Abdullahi Mohammed - 11
7. Prince Abubakar Audu -  1,109
8. Sen. Nurudeen Abatemi -  400
9. Hadiza Ibrahim  -  0
10. Alh. Yakubu Mohammed- 4
11. Rt. Hon. Clarence Olafemi  -  7
12. DCP Abutu Ejeh Rtd.  -  2
13. Engr. Sunday Ejigbo  -  1
14. Col. Ahmed Usman rtd.  -  6
15. Dr. Tim Nda Diche   -  13
16. Dr. Hakeem Habib  -  8
17. Prince Rotimi Obadofin  -  16
18. Barr. Babatunde Iruekera  - 0
19. Olusula George Olumoroti - 58
20. Enejo James Ocholi SAN - 90
21. Ojo Onukaba Adinoyi -  2
22. Pharm. Aliyu Zakari Jiya. -  0
23. Sen. Dr. Alex Kadiri. -  1
24. Alh. Sadiq Adabara. -  0
25. Hussein Idris Kazim  -  0
26. Alh. Sanusi Abubakar  - 309
27. Edris Danjuma -  5
28. Edris Maiyanga  -  2


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

APC Kogi Guber primary election: Yahaya Bello’s Letter to APC Governorship Delegates in Kogi State

Dear Delegates,

As you get ready to vote your choice of candidate, be reminded that your decision will either mar or make Kogi State, be reminded that the mandate to rescue Kogi State from shambles, economic stagnation, deplorable condition in all sectors of the economy lies in your hands. Please remember that the change, hope and future of Kogi state have been placed in your hands in such a time as this. The next four years of Kogi state will be dependent on the  decision you make today. The hope of all citizens of our dear state living and yet unborn lies in your hands.

We clamour for a new direction in Kogi state. We seek an overhauling of development in every sector of the economy. The change we seek starts with you. I have placed myself before you as a worthy servant, seeking your help to nominate me as the  flag bearer of  our great party, All Progressives Congress APC.

Wealth, fame, affluence and personal ambition are never part of what motivates me in this regard. No amount of money any aspirant can offer you that will be fair to our generation yet unborn without plans, determination, preparedness, burning desire and commitment by the aspirant to make a better place for our younger generation and generations yet unborn.  

I seek to be the next governor of our naturally blessed and endowed state, because I believe Kogi state deserves better. I am on the rescue mission in such a time as this where our education sector is crawling, where insecurity has become the order of the day and where economic breakdown have reduced the state to absolute stagnation. I am prepared to offer the best of me to propel Kogi state to its rightful future in the best of my ability.

Kogi is not up for sale, neither is it placed for the highest bidder.
What I have to offer is all of my zeal, commitment, passion, and strength in the service to the masses. As a detribalised person, I seek a NEW DIRECTION in Kogi State devoid of sentiments, sectional leadership, where all Kogites regardless of tribes and religions are harmoniously united to prosper the state. I seek a new Kogi that is fair and just to the welfare of the ever-committed and hardworking workers; a Kogi that would be placed as a reputable standard and economic giant of Nigeria; a Kogi that corruption no longer lingers; and a Kogi that would be a world centre of attraction and commerce.

Lokoja the Capital of Kogi was the first Administrative and Commercial Capital of Nigeria under the Leadership of Lord Lugard, the name "Nigeria" was coined in Lokoja by British Journalist, Flora Shaw the wife of Lord Lugard. Without much ado, this is more reason why we have to join forces together to transform Kogi into the Pride of Nigeria. Together we can!

I am young, energetic, creative and have a ready plan to make Kogi great for us all.

Let us put in our best to turn Kogi into that great state it should be. IT IS POSSIBLE. It's up to all of us.

I thank you all

Yahaya Bello (Fairplus)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


At a well-attended political summit held under the auspices of Ebira Renaissance Group (ERG) and Ebira Youth Congress (EYC), and well attended by critical political stakeholders of Ebiraland on Saturday,August 22nd , 2015 at the Federal College of Education, Okene, the following resolutions were adopted as a moral template for subsequent political actions:

1.     It was reaffirmed that the shared history of deprivation endured by the Ebiras and Okuns in Kogi State provides a natural basis to sustain the ongoing political alliance between the two Senatorial Districts.

2.     It was happily acknowledge that all aspirants from both blocs are men of stature with varying political pedigree. However, ONLY ONE will emerge as CANDIDATE. In view of this understanding, good working relationship was STRONGLY CANVASSED.

3.     Promise of power rotation in 2019 by People Democratic Party (P.D.P) was considered laughable in view of similar unfulfilled promises made by the same group in the past.

4.     While disagreeing with our people in P.D.P over the timing of power rotation, the summit cautioned against acts of political antagonism that characterized our political engagement in the past. The summit canvassed that they should be persuaded to buy into noble cause in the interest of our collective destiny.

5.     Distinguished Senator M.S Ohiare and Salihu Ohize were charged to assume the driver’s seat of this bold initiative.

Pastor Joseph Suleiman (Manjoe)                                           
Coordinator, ERG

Baba MP. Razak
EYC, Secretary

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Is Decade Old Ethnic Hegemony In Kogi State Threatened? By Deen Adavize

For better or for worse, the reality is getting more glaring as Kogi State gubernatorial election draws nearer.
For the first time since the creation of the state, the Igala political fortune seems to be threatened by numerous factors which have come to define the forthcoming election in the state.

The renewal of ethno-political realignment in the state coupled with the abysmal performance of the current Wada administration amongst other factors, have combined to send strong signal that the fortune of Igala political dynasty cum hegemony is under threaten.

The Buhari Factor
It is a truism that politics and election in kogi state has always been characterized by acrimony, manipulation and impunity. Available facts show that the state is severely hit by the 16 years of PDP mis-governance despite the availability of huge human and material resources. The reason for this undesirable experience in the state is not far-fetched. Perpetual bad leadership that evolves from fraudulent elections in the past and ethnic struggle have been identified as the major factors for this mess.
Even with the state's proximity to the federal capital territory, Abuja, being one of the closest, it seems almost perpetually backward in terms of development.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kogi is Sinking, Who Will Replace Idris Wada? – Haufsat Ibrahim

Just like a significant percentage of Nigerians were tired of former President Jonathan’s incompetence and cluelessness, I am happy to see that a good percentage of the right thinking people in Kogi State, who are practically just praying to survive the remaining days of Wada’s maladministration, have embarked on a no-second-term campaign against Captain Idris Wada.
Gov. Idris Wada

Wada’s maladministration has been successfully plastered around all the different sectors in Kogi, little wonder some of his previous supporters have become stern critics. Just like Former President Jonathan, Wada will have to pay dearly for his last four years of mindlessness, cluelessness and gross incompetence. There is actually no point getting into political arguments on Wada’s performance, the people of Kogi who daily go through excruciating pains as a result of lack of infrastructure and leadership are clear on the fact that having Wada as governor in the last four years is regrettable in every sense. The same way Goodluck Jonathan showed the world that not everyone who can join a political party can lead, Wada equally has loudly expressed that he has no business leading a state, not even Kogi State for that matter.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The race in Kogi: Sanusi Abubakar is the one to watch

Sanusi Abubakar
As the hands of clock tick towards 2015 December governorship in Kogi state inch approaching, the game of who would govern the state may be an interesting one, as players trying to outsmart one another in the political calculation, with observers saying the race may likely show surprise.

Everywhere you go in Nigeria, the desire for positive change appears evident that Kogi State is no exception.  It is believed that predominance of particular leaders or group in power usually lead to dictatorship and cult of personalities; indeed, this fear largely explains why people anywhere express the desire for change.  Heredity is therefore, inconsistent with democratic mood.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Kogi Guber election: PDP National Leadership denies Gov. Wada automatic ticket

The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party has said that it has no plan to give automatic ticket to Governor Idris Wada of Kogi State in order to enable him run for a second term in office in the November governorship election.

The National Organising Secretary of the party, Alhaji Abubakar Mustapha, made this known today at a news briefing in Abuja shortly after the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) met to deliberate on the governorship election in Kogi State.

Monday, August 10, 2015

APC Kogi governorship aspirant: Sanusi Abubakar

By Ismail M. Kabir

As the race for Kogi governorship draws closer, an aspirant with sterling qualities and unmatched pedigree has joined the race.

Sanusi Abubakar
 The latest aspirant whose towering achievement in life was built on the premise of enterprise has a tall record of unparalleled philanthropy across Kogi state and beyond. He has been pulled into the race by concerned group and individuals who are convinced that his unbeatable track records in humanitarian services that have touched the lives of thousands of less privileged people across the divides has endeared him to many, a feat that could be leveraged to emancipate Kogi state from its current hemorrhage.

One is poised to ask, who is Alhaji Sanusi Abubakar?


Alhaji Abubakar Sanusi Aliyu was born to the family of Late Alhaji Abubakar Aliyu (popularly known as Abu Inihaya) and late Hajia Asmau Abubakar on the 1st of July 1961 at Okene in Kogi State. He started his primary education in Igbira Native Authority School (INA) Okene from 1966 and 1972.

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