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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

N-Power Jobs: List of Kogi State successful candidates

Here is the list of selected candidates from Kogi State


Tuesday, November 15, 2016



Pursuant to  one of her objectives of encouraging sporting activities for recreational and vocational purposes for the empowerment of our youths, EYC, a coalition of youth Clubs and Associations in KCSD, hereby brings to you, the aforementioned race project.

Besides all the attendant health and socioeconomic benefits of the marathon race to our community, mobilizing massive public support for the actualization of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited (ASCL) and National Iron Ore Mining Company (NIOMCO) projects remains a critical objective of the Okene City Marathon Race Project.

The race Programme is designed to offer a special platform for the people of the Host Community to bring to bear, our support to our dear president Muhammadu Buhari and our amiable governor of the host State (Kogi), Alhaji Yahaya Bello, in their restorative efforts at bringing the steel companies to fruition.

The support of all towards the success this Race Fiesta is earnestly solicited!!!

Signed: Comrade Ismaila Mohammed, National P.S. lll.




The Okene City Marathon Race constitutes a component unit game in the Kogi Central Senatorial District Annual  Sport Programme whose maiden edition held in 2014, commencing with the Kogi Central Football League( the league featured 30 viable football clubs from across the 5 LGAs in Central with over 60 matches played).

The entire sports compendium draws its institutional framework from Article '2', Section 'D', Subsection 'ii' of the Charter/constitution wherein: "Encourage Sporting Activities for Recreational and Vocational Purposes".

2. RACE PROJECT OBJECTIVES: In addition to keeping our youths productively engaged with all the health and economic benefits the race offers, the OCMR 2016 is also poised to set to earnestly pursue the following objectives:

A. To mobilize massive public support for completion of ASLC and NIOMCO;

B. To promote value reorientation in the land;

C. To empower, at least, 3 persons into small scale enterprises for self-reliance with various prizes;

D. To further launder the image of Kogi Central Senatorial District;

We are strongly convinced that these objectives will go a long way in keeping social vice at bay.

3. ORGANIZER: EYC with possible collaborations with;

A. Nigeria Police Force(NPF);

B. Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC);

C. Nigerian Medical Association (NMA);

D. Tao Radio (101.9 FM);

E. Afims Hotels Limited(AHL);

F. Ebira Renaissance Group (ERG).

4. PARTICIPANTS: participation is opened to all well-meaning Nigerians who must be residents of Kogi State.

5. DISTANCE: 20 kilometers (being a maiden edition)

a. 1st prize N300.000, b.  2nd prize N200.000k c. 3rd prize N100.000
Positions 4th - 10th receives consolation prizes of N10.000 each. 

registration form costs a N1000k

8. DATE:  2/12/2016 for pre-race orientation/seminal, &
3/12 /2016 for race proper.

Form collection points:
Call any of the following numbers to obtain your form:


Registration closes 18/11/2016

Signed: Mall. Alfa Jimoh Yusuf, Chairman, LOC.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Vacancy! Vacancy!! Vacancy !!!

Vacancy! Vacancy!! Vacancy !!!

This is only applicable to those who live in Abuja!



Ready, Set, Action!!!
Our Client is an exciting Family Entertainment Center brand for Kids, Teens and Adults, wishing to launch its operations in Abuja immediately.
We are looking for enthusiastic, creative, entertaining and friendly new members who are ready to be part of our Team, ready to delight our guests with an outstanding work performance each day
What will you need?
No matter what your role, to be successful you’ll do all of these…

• Thrive in a super fast-paced customer service environment with guests at the heart of every decision made
• Act to deal quickly and safely with any issues at the Family Entertainment center
• Consistently give Wow factor experiences to guests by listening and offering them what they need; sometimes without them even knowing
• Showcase efficient organizational skills and memory with a constant smiley face
• Be ready to work rain or shine, early or late, long hours on your feet, but hey, guess you already knew that!

Having a talent to showcase will be beneficial.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to join/gain experience in the family entertainment industry.

The positions are varied, and the working hours are flexible with shift options, but we promise you excitement on the job
To apply for any of the roles below, please click on the required link or send your CV to michael@oye-dynamix.org and omon26@gmail.com  indicating the position you are applying for.Deadline of submission 24th November, 2016. Thank you for your application.

Center Manager
Reception Coordinator
HR/Administration Officer
Information Technology Engineer
Activity Supervisor 
Cafe Personnel
Cleaning Personnel
Attraction Assistant
Party Room Personnel
Marketing Officer

Monday, October 17, 2016


Dear Governor, Alh. Yahaya Bello

Your excellency, the executive governor of kogi state, let me once again use this opportunity to celebrate your fantabulous leadership style as a young man who God has called to serve his people in the most unexpected providential manner. It is obvious to all that your ascension to the driver seat of Kogi State affairs is to rescue it from it's deplitating state and set it on high for rapid growth and development. My prayer for you is that He who called you for service will guide you through in Jesus name.

Time will not permit me to highlight your achievements within the short time in the office in apposition with the previous administrations which were characterised by gloss incompetence and marginalization of many sorts. I am however delighted by your courageous and unwavering step to constitute a judicial commission of enquiry to probe the past administration in order to set the record straight in kogi State.

Your excellency sir, I cannot be quiet when certain things are not adding up in order to make a difference as rightly stated in your campaign manifesto and operational blueprint with the caption "New Direction". The Change we all preach can only become reality when the elects and the electorates rub minds together in a dual communication channel. This article therefore is one of the feedback opinions.

Good governance is a relatively new concept,  having entered the political lexicon in the 1970s and 1980s when a vast number of undeveloped countries were struggling to deal with theit political and economic problems which poor political leadership had generated for their countries. it refers to a system of government based on good leadership, respect for the rule of law and due processes, the accountability of the political leadership to the electorate as well as transparency in the operations of government. 

From our definition of Good Governance which is the hallmark of the present leadership, three key ingredients were mentioned. 

Good leadership. 



The reason the nation is gasping for life today is as a result of bad leadership. Many of those who were previledged to occupy political position both at the federal, state and local government have succeeded in injecting us with the deadly virus. We no longer think pursuing the virtues of good governance is worth our stress.

Your excellency, to accomplish your vision for New Direction before the expiration of your tenure, below is my contribution and way forward. Your vision for a New Kogi State may end up in white paper and ink binded together and thrown in the cabinet in Lugard House if drastic measures are not taken the checkmate government activities.

It is time that you re-evaluate your appointees and Local Government administrators with their achievements so far. Good and quality leadership delivery is highly expected in this administration especially those with closed proximity to the grassroots. Local government through which the state can reach the people must not be committed to people who do not understand what democracy and good governance are all about. 

Recently, the house of Assembly in a unanimous decision suspended some Local government Administrators on issues bothering on misapropriation of public fund and abuse of office. Such alligations should not be swept under the carpet, the government should follow the principle of good governance and let the three ingredients come to play. We demand nothing from our local government administrators save for good leadership,  accountability and transparency. If this cannot be seen in their activities let them get out of the kitchen before they 'smoke' everyone to death. Of what use is good governance when the govern are being 'smoked' by the people appointed to take care of their needs.

According to a document prepared by the Administrative  Staff College of Nigeria ASCON (1992), Leadership is "an art of influencing the behaviour of a group of people in oder to achieve specific objectives and goals." In our local governments and kogi at large the need for leadership cannot be disputed, for it is only with the aid of effective leadership that a society or group of individuals can indeed attain their political, economic and social objectives. 

If its true that leadership is the art of motivating people to work together, to attain some agreed objectives, our political leaders, especially the administrators must understand that public resources are intended to achieve public goals; be political, economic or social in lieu of personal goals.

Your excellency, the era where millions of Naira are alloted by local government leaders to paint building to serve the purpose of executing a project is over. You must demand for accountability to ascertain their claims in both quality and quantity. No government can make a friend with good governance without inputs from the Local Governments. If your dream for a NEW KOGI STATE is going to have effect on reality, then checkmate the activities in the Local Government.

It is Abraham Lincoln who said, Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people. The Savior of the state from the corrupt and selfish leadership should be the Savior of our local governments from the hand of greedy and visionless leaders. At the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftancy Affairs, Alh. Abubakar Ohere has been doing an impressive job, but he needs likeminded individuals like him to succeed. His good work will amount to futility if they are not consolidated by the administrators in the local government.

Rumours are been peddled in some quarters that some of us who are very critical about what happen at the grassroots are forming a coup against the government. It's a figment of imagination from those that detest truth. Well, we stand on the assurance that the righteousness of the righteous will speak for him and the wickedness of the wicked will pour on his head. He who has no grains spread outside has less concern of the weather. I am a friend of this government but I cannot call black white for whatsoever reason. Time for politics of propaganda and distortion of facts is over.

We demand for good leadership, accountability and transparency in all the local government across the state. 

Once again I salute your excellency Alh. Yahaya Bello's intervention on infrastructural development as evident in your decision to rehabitate road networks across the state. My prayer is that you will finish strong. In our life time we will have a state that work. 

Our local governments will live up to their standard in Jesus name. 

Kogi Will Never Be The Same Again 


God Bless GYB

God Bless Kogi state

God Bless Nigeria.

OGO'OGU MD Can be reached via:

Email: dgreatdon2015@yahoo.com
Tel: 08035187340

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dr. Adeiza's address as EPA meets Gov. Yahaya Bello at Govt House, Lokoja.



Let me commence this address by thanking your Excellency for acceding to this visit inspite of your numerous engagements.

Permit me Sir, to briefly recall an outstanding spectre of our distant history. This is the story of a fortuitous man of gallantry whose military and hunting expertise recovered to our race the present land called Oganya, Ukpogo and its environs from settler warriors. The name of that famous hunter and fearless warrior was Pa Ajagu. His strings of successes at hunting expedition contributed to the baptism of his clan as Ohi-Ube presently styled as Ehebe. History seems to be repeating itself today as a fearless and determined man from the same lineage has emerged, re-enacting the same courage of his Progenitors to rescue Kogi State from the vice-grips of its serial abusers. Today, this foremost Warrior of our time whose political emergence was divine has recently been awarded a legal seal of the Supreme Court of Nigeria to preside over the affairs of Kogi State for the next four years and God’s willing a graduation to Eight years. The flame of this struggle, the bearer of this sword of victory, the redeemer of our nascent hope and the icon of this New Direction, is no other person than His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello. Reincarnation indeed! 

The entire People of Kogi Central Senatorial District loudly celebrate and congratulate you on your political and legal successes. By this success, God has manifestly demonstrated his choice of truth over mischief, His choice of sincerity over treachery, excellence over mediocrity, sincerity over demagoguery and civility over thuggery. We hope and pray these vices become banished from our Land forever. EPA implore all undiscerning minds of our Community to summon the courage to embrace this reality from God, and bow to His will rather than suck in pains of selfishness and greed. The world has enough for our need but not our greed. We must rally round the Governor and pray for his success because his failure will be our collective failure.  We pray that God, the King of the Kings, the Creator of man and the Jinn, the possessor of our first and last words be your guide and that you shall succeed beyond expectation. Amen. 

Permit me Sir, to commend you on your laudable strides so far. These include: The restoration of hope to the already demoralized and dispirited Citizens of Kogi State, the asphalt lay of Lokoja township road and the other Road projects already awarded across the State, Removal of Ghost Workers from Kogi State Civil Service through a painstaking screening exercise, the courageous setting up of Judicial commission of enquiry on past administrations, the numerous Water  projects across the State that have been awarded and the rebuilding of our statehood above sentiments through fair and equitable sharing of appointments. The historic appointment of your Chief of Staff from the East Senatorial Zone above all pressures to the otherwise is a loud testimony to your uncommon philosophy of equity and fairness. We have since welcome and embraced the appointment as a triumph of New Direction over tradition;

These and many more other achievements within a space of eight months inspite of litigations and economic recession is worthy of profuse  commendations.  May God afford you the strength to do more sir.

Your Excellency Sir, permit me to hasten to ask for your kind intervention in the following areas;

(1)        We reckon with you as the historic face of fairness and equity, a Purveyor of unification and a propeller of genuine statehood, we humbly call on your Excellency to enact a state policy towards restructuring of the civil service numerical architecture of the state. A situation where a Senatorial District has over seventy-five percent placement and the balance shared between the remaining two senatorial districts is to us grossly unfair and morally reprehensible. We humbly request your fair and equitable balancing of job placements at the civil service of the state.

(2)        A decisive and wholesome reappraisal of the Chieftaincy and traditional institution issues that have posed a threat to the peace of the Central. These issues may include succession order, harmonised body of King Makers, acceptable nomenclature, a befitting palace with complimentary Library of traditional artefacts and archive etc.

(3)        We note with understanding, your strenuous effort at sanitising the Civil Service payroll through a relentless screening exercise. We urge you to personally take charge of this exercise to ensure its timely and objective conclusion. We strongly believe that no single ghost Worker must be left lurking in the dark recess of Kogi payroll while genuine workers as in your words, should be promptly and adequately compensated for their sweat. We urge your Excellency not to be disuaded by the distractive voices of the Patrons of the dark age. Behind the bitterness of a Bitter Leaf comes its sweetness and so shall Kogi be.

(4)        We deeply appreciate your efforts at addressing the age-long water problems of the Central but would like to appeal that we wait with bated breath for the completion of these projects. No doubt the completion of Ekuku and Osara dams would cast your name in gold in the minds of our people.

(5)        We believe it is quite timely to exploit the economic potential that our geographical location offers to the country as a Transit town between the North and South. To this end Sir, we would like to draw your attention to our age-long agitation for the building of a contemporary international market in Osara compliment with all its corollary infrastructures that may include the rebuilding  of the defunct aerodrome at Zariagi to an enviable airport and trailer park etc

(6)        We would like to appeal to your Excellency to restore to the fullest the status of the Specialist Hospital Obangede. It is on record that this Hospital originally concieved as a Specialist was downgraded at a time and later reverted to its past status by mere words of the immediate former administration without commensurate facilities. We generally plead with Your Excellency, to take a complete reappraisal of the entire health infrastructures of the Central Senatorial District as the existing ones have either become grossly inadequate or out rightly dilapidated. No doubt sir, the District deserves to host a modern tertiary health institution in view of its rapid urbanization with its attendant health challenges.

(7)        Your Excellency Sir, permit us to humbly request you to activate a  machinery towards the recovery of the school lands which have been variously encroached upon by Land Grabbers. Today most Primary and Secondary Schools  in the Central have been left with little or no room for conducive learning, growth and development as their land space have been forcefully taken over and sold out by interest groups in complete affront to their master plan.

(8)        Sir, we are not oblivious of the laudable measures you have taken on the security of the State  in terms of generous resource deployment across the State to ameliorate the security situation, We however beg to make the following suggestions as complimentary measures as we have observed that the level of criminality in the central is still alarming and grossly under-reported:

a.   A robust community/governmental partnership security architecture at least for intelligence gathering.

b.   Provision of security toll-free dedicated Telephone lines for timely reportage of security infractions.

c.   A complete and regular overhaul of the police and policing especially at the lower cadre of the force in the Central

d.   Erection of police posts at the various dark spots of the Central. A submission to this effect was earlier made to the police commend.

e.   A possible revisit of the reports of enquiry into the past crisis in the Central senatorial District.

(9)        At this juncture Sir, We would like to put a subtle reminder before Your Excellency on your earlier directive for the deregulation of Abubakar Audu University, Anyigba with its School of Technology coming to the Central. We are anxiously looking forward to the implementation of this policy Sir. We would also like to bring to your kind attention the dilapidated state of the Government Technical College Oboroke. The school was conceived as a skill acquisition centre for the youths of the Central.

(10)     The lingering boundary disputes between communities in the Central e.g. border disputes within Ajaokuta Local Government Area; Ogori-Magongo and  Okene Local Government, Okehi and Adavi Local Government and that between  communities in the Central and contiguous neighboring state such as between Ukpilla community in Edo State and Okene Local Government  Area are significant threats beckoning  your kind attention Sir.

(11)     The people of Kogi Central Senatorial District collectively directed me to convey their indepth gratitude to Your Excellency on the historic flag-off of several road projects across the District on the 8th October, 2016. This date will remain indelible in our minds as a day of infrastructural rebirth. Posterity will reward you kindly for this milestone gesture. Like Oliver Trust however, we would appreciate if Your Excellency could kindly prevail on the Local Government Administrators of the Central to borrow a leaf from the State Government and focus on the rehabilitation and construction of feeder roads across the district to further boost our economic activities.

(12)     This Association note with joy, how your closeness to the Father and President of the nation, President Muhammadu Buhari, a man to  whom our love and appreciation goes beyond mere use of words, facilitated the rebounce of the Siamese twin companies of Ajaokuta Steel and National Iron Ore Itakpe into the nation’s development plan. We are confident that your sleepless vigilance would see to its beneficial and early completion.

(13)     Lastly Your Excellency, Ebira People’s Association, the foremost and umbrella organization of Ebira race formed in 1967, in celebration of the landmark dignity, luck and happiness you have brought to our race has outlined a few programmes in your honour. Towards this end sir, a concept of a Reception of all our Appointees  in  your Government and indeed Nigeria, all Elected office holders of Kogi Central, our topline Bureaucrats nationwide, Students and Professionals that distinguished themselves in your time and made us proud is being developed. This reception which is being conceived to take place in Abuja as a precursor to a mega and final reception of your exalted self in Okene with the kind permission and collaboration of Ebira Traditional Council headed by our Royal Father, Alhaji Dr. Ado Abdulrahaman Ibrahim, CON, the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland. This events will be a celebration of you as a trail blaizer of luck to our land. To this end sir, we seek your kind permission and indulgence to, as the Chief celebrant and Chief Host variously, give us your kind permission to go ahead with the planning.

(14)     For effect sir, permit me to observe that EPA as an umbrella body has never mandated any individual, branch or group to represent it in the affairs of Government. We are not part of Government but part of governance through humble suggestions in line with our constitution or such functions as may be delegated to it by your Government. The government is for Kogi state and not Ebira people. I therefore call the Government and its agencies to kindly verify from EPA National Headquarter on anybody or issues purportedly emanating from the organisation.

 In conclusion Sir, let me quote His Excellency ALH YAHAYA ADOZA BELLO, speaking in Okene on 8TH October, 2016, ‘I will not buy or give anyone gun but I will create jobs and if anyone should give you gun, return the gun and start coming to government House. The era of political violence is over’. May the peace and opportunities you so much sought for your land follow you and your family all your life. AMEN.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Governor Bello has started infrastructural revolution in Kogi - Aide 

Governor Yahaya Bello has declared a revolution of infrastructural development in Kogi State as he awards contracts for the construction and rehabilitation of four major roads across the State. 

Briefing newsmen after the State Executive Council meeting, where the contracts were ratified on Wednesday, the Director General of Media and Publicity to the Governor, Mr. Kingsley Fanwo, said the road projects, which run into billions of naira, cut across many local government councils across the three senatorial districts of the state. 

The Governor’s image maker said the contractors were carefully selected after a highly competitive bidding process, adding that the Governor Yahaya Bello administration is committed to following due process in contracts award in line with the transparency emblem of the New Direction Agenda. 

Fanwo said with the award of contracts for the construction of the roads, Governor Yahaya Bello has kick-started infrastructural re-awakening across the state, assuring that more projects will soon be rolled out to enable Kogi compete favourably with any state across the country. 

“In line with the administration’s policy on infrastructural development, the Kogi State Executive Council has awarded contracts for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of four major roads across the State. This is the beginning of ceaseless development in the infrastructural sector of the state,” he said.

“The four roads awarded are: 1) The construction of Ekinrin Adde/Ohun/Ife Olukotun Road – It is 13.8 kilometres long and was awarded to Messrs High Skill Limited at the cost of N526, 146, 907:00 2) The rehabilitation and ashphalt overlay of the Iyamoye/Ife Olukotun/Ponyan/Jege/Ejuku/Ijowa (Isanlu) Road, awarded to Messrs Wiz China Worldwide Nigeria Limited at N4, 751, 312, 516.69 3) The rehabilitation and asphalt overlay of the Ibana Junction/Ikeje/Ogugu/Ette Road at N2, 839, 570, 439:19, awarded to Messrs Ferotex Construction Limited 4) the rehabilitation and asphalt overlay of the Ogaminana/Ebogogo/Eika/Itakpe Road at N3, 819, 840, 260:11 to Messrs Levers Construction Company.

“It is instructive to note that the contractors were carefully selected after a competitive bidding process. The present administration is committed to ensuring thorough adherence to due process and the Public Procurement Act. 

“The State Government has also decided to introduce tolling on the roads to ensure sustainable maintenance of the roads when completed. A bill is being drafted to be sent to the Kogi State House of Assembly on this.”

Mr. Fanwo also added that 20 water scheme projects have also been approved for commencement. The locations are Agaliga, Imane, Anyigba, Ogori, Ajaka, Magongo, Essomi, Oboroke, Ikuehi, Ogidi, Nagazi, Kuroko, Geregu, Egge, Idoji North, Obangede, Mopa, Idoji South, Oguma, and Isanlu.

“The present administration in the State knows the importance of a good road network and sustainable water resources as a panacea to economic woes, insecurity and health challenges in the state. These projects will catalyse our economy as a State as promised in the New Direction Blueprint,” he said.

Friday, August 05, 2016

As GIHL returns to Itakpe Iron Ore Mining Company


The links below reference the agony in a community that dared sharp practice of a company now hailed by the gullible Nigerians!

1. Black Day in Ogaminana   http://ebiraview.blogspot.com/2008/02/black-day-in-ogaminana.html

2. Nigeria: Tears, Sorrow Trail Police Invasion of Ogaminana    http://allafrica.com/stories/200803030508.html

…and the article below reveals more!

Category:Politics | Date:2008-03-27
Olafemi and the Ogaminana massacre
By Adinoyi Ojo Onukaba
AS expected, there have been lots of finger-pointing and denials between the people of Ogaminana in Kogi State and the Nigeria Police since last month when a senseless orgy of killings and burning left over 50 people dead, hundreds injured, 5,000 rendered homeless and more than 20 vehicles, 65 houses and 150 stores burnt. The true sequence of events and the roles played by each group in the horrific killings of defenseless people in Ogaminana remain contentious. But here is what has been established so far:
On February 22, this year, six trucks loaded with iron ore concentrates were on their way to Port Harcourt from Itakpe Iron Ore Mining Company in Kogi State when youths from nearby Ogaminana intercepted and detained them. The youths, who were peacefully protesting against the systematic looting of the Itakpe iron ore deposits by Global Infrastructures Limited, the Indian firm to which it was concessioned in controversial circumstances by the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, were said to have deflated the tyres and smashed the windscreens of the trucks.
Two days later, on February 24, a unit of the Police Mobile Force was dispatched to Ogaminana "to prevent further damage to the (detained) vehicles and products", according to Kogi State Police Commissioner Ibe Aghanya. It was in the process of carrying out this assignment that the police clashed with the protesting youths, leaving an Inspector, a Sergeant and a Corporal seriously wounded and Corporal Raphael George abducted. A search and rescue police team sent on February 26, according to police official report, found Corporal George’s mutilated body along Kabba Road after another bloody clash that the police said claimed the lives of two of the intrepid youths.
Police Commissioner Aghanya cleverly left out in his report the fact that after retrieving the body of their fallen colleague the police descended on Ogaminana at 8.30 pm on February 26, killing and brutalizing mostly elderly men, women and children in a reprisal attack that has sent shock and outrage throughout the country. Aghanya also did not admit that it was the summary execution of one Haruna Sule - shot several times by the police - that provoked the youths into attacking his men. Of course, Aghanya’s selective account of the mayhem his men visited on Ogaminana is designed to demonize the community and to make the police look innocent. Already, Clarence Olafemi, the acting governor of Kogi State, is so convinced of the collective guilt of the Ogaminana people that he has been raining curses on them for the death of Corporal George.
Olafemi did not care to conduct an independent investigation into the killings before rushing to condemn the entire people of Ogaminana and the Kogi Central Senatorial District for their penchant for violence and other anti-social behaviour. He has not even cared to visit the community to see things for himself before apportioning blame. It will be surprising if Olafemi knows where to locate Ogaminana on the map of the state he claims to be governing. This is the real tragedy of the April 2007 elections. The charade threw up all sorts of persons at the helm of our affairs, including those ill-equipped to run a hunters guild who have suddenly found themselves in charge of complex entities like states.
In a manner reminiscent of Odi (in Bayelsa State) and Zaki Biam (in Benue State) reprisal attacks by the army following the killing of their colleagues by the two communities during the Obasanjo administration, it was reported in the newspapers that the police ran amok killing anybody in sight including women, elderly men and children. They did not spare even domestic animals. Gated houses had their fences pulled down before being broken into. Petrol station attendants were ordered at gun point to fill up containers that were later used to douse houses and shops before being set on fire. Vehicles passing through the area, the report added, were stopped and passengers were ordered to disembark "and any Ebira man or woman found in the vehicles was allegedly shot instantaneously".
Who authorized the attack? Did the leadership of the Kogi State Police Command inform Olafemi about the plan to wipe Ogaminana out of the state? How much did Olafemi know and when did he know it? How come that Olafemi and Police Commissioner Aghanya are only concerned about the death of Corporal George? What about the 50 or so innocent souls killed by the police? Is each of those killed by the police less important than the one killed by the youths of Ogaminana? Has Olafemi ever queried Aghanya about the killings – assuming he did not know about the attack? Is it possible for the police to embark on such a murderous raid without the permission of the chief security of the state?
At a memorial ceremony for Corporal George in Lokoja recently, Olafemi spoke in a manner unbefitting of a man occupying the high office of a governor, even if in acting capacity. "May they never see favour in their lives again", he said of the killers of Corporal George while announcing some monetary compensation to his survivors. He went on to describe the killing of the police man as satanic and that "the incident has to be condemned in its entirety". What about the 50 victims of police killings in Ogaminana? Olafemi made no mention of them beyond categorically ruling out payment of any compensation to them. Barely hiding his disdain or contempt for the people of the Central Senatorial Zone, Olafemi said "nobody had briefed him about the magnitude of the damage". Yet, he was quick to blame the traditional ruler of the area for the crisis.
The Ogaminana massacre has already been raised on the floor of the Kogi State House of Assembly by Hon. Momoh Jimoh Anda and it was unanimously condemned by members. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have set up separate investigative committees to look into the killings – thanks to the efforts of Senator Salihu Ohize and Hon. Abdulkareem Salihu. Yet, acting governor Olafemi said he had not been briefed about its magnitude. Is he running Kogi from outer space? With such an incompetent and highly partisan fellow running the government - not matter how briefly - any wonder therefore that Kogi is in such a mess. Again, the state government has failed the people from which it derives mandate. The callous disregard for the plight of the people of the area by both Olafemi and the previous government of Idris Ibrahim continue to confirm lingering suspicions that the state government prefers to treat the area as a lawless fiefdom because it is the base of opposition Action Congress (AC).
This is one massacre that cannot be swept under the carpet. Without prejudice to the outcome of the investigations by the National Assembly, the families of those killed as well as those who lost their houses, vehicles and shops must sue the Nigeria Police to court and demand compensations. The Nigeria police will have to pay for this. It cannot be swept away like Odi and Zaki Biam. People must be held accountable, including the youths who killed Corporal George. Aghanya should be sent on compulsory leave pending the completion of the various probes. We will never have a country we can all be proud of if our supposed protectors kill us with such impunity.
The Nigerian Police Force has long been notorious for abusing the very people it is supposed to protect. Its style of operation, crime fighting approach and general orientation are outdated, crude, immoral and anti-people. The force behaves with absolute disdain for the rights and dignity of the people whose taxes sustain it. Members of Hitler’s murderous special squad would appear far more civilized and humane than some of the men and women in our police force. The question being asked by reasonable Nigerians was why the police did not fish out the killers of Corporal George instead of waging a senseless war against a whole community. Was Corporal George killed by the entire Ogaminana community? Why visit the sins of a few youths on a community? Can the loss of 50 lives in Ogaminana bring back Corporal George?
• Onukaba, a journalist and playwright, lives in Abuja.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yahaya Bello Leads General Tukur Buratai to Ohinoyi of Ebira Land

By Alex Adeiza (EbiraReporters.com)

To crown the visit of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Tukur Buratai to Kogi state, the Governor of the state, Alhaji Yahaya Bello on Wednesday, extended the courtesy to the palace of the Ohinoyi of Ebira land, Dr Ado Ibrahim.

The visit which was geared towards addressing the alarming nature of criminal activities in the state was graced by key traditional rulers and stakeholders across the central senatorial district of the state.

Buratai stated that his visit to Kogi state was part of the movement to know the state of affairs of the headquarters, Command Army Records in the state, hence providing solutions to their challenges.

“We are not unmindful of the challenges being faced here in Kogi State in terms of logistics and movements. We are going to make sure that the state is rid of the elements operating,” he said.

He reiterated that Special Forces would be deployed to the state in earnest, adding that they would go after criminals wherever they are hiding.

Buratai sought for the cooperation of the Ohinoyi and the council of Chiefs, promising more presence of the army in crime ridden areas of the state.

While speaking, Yahaya Bello noted that Kogi central senatorial district is blessed to have for the second time, the presence of Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, identifying the first as Retired Gen. Ibrahim.

“We have been able to put our heads together with the army and all other security agencies to root out all the criminals,” he said.

He sought for the support and cooperation of all and sundry in providing credible information to security agencies, adding that the time where disclosers of security information are victimized has passed.

He added that henceforth, any building where kidnappers, cultists, armed robbers are apprehended will be clamped down.

“I want to further warn the criminals in the Kogi state, and those who harbor and abate them, those who conceal them that they have come to the end of the road.

“There is a law in place to cater for those aiding and abetting criminals in the state. If other leaders did not enforce it, I will.”

On his part, the Ohinoyi of Ebira land commended the efforts of the army in bearing what he described as the pains of Nigerians, saying that they are saviours.

He pleaded with the Chief of Army Staff to return the withdrawn military detachments in the Central Senatorial District of the state.


The political events of the past five months that GYB took over the mantle of leadership of Kogi State needs overview in order to guide us as to what lies in wait for us. The governor inherited lots of crisis ranging from House of Assembly to nonpayment of workers' salaries, the menace of ghost workers and infrastructural decay that all characterized the immediate and past administrations. The youthful governor has tried within the means and availability of resources at his disposal to surmount the lingering problem of arrears of salaries owed to workers, checkmating the menace of ghost workers and rehabilitation of decayed infrastructures in Kogi State. One area I find disturbing and which has not received the genius attention of the governor is the political crisis rocking the sail of the State's boat.

God, in His infinite mercy has sustained the electoral victory of our governor through resounding victories (one after the other) at the Kogi State Election Tribunal. However, the ugly scenario playing out in Kogi State is that a group of 5 members of Kogi House of Assembly purported to impeach the Speaker in a House of Assembly that comprises of 21 members!! The court has ruled that the group of 15 members led by Hon. Momohjimoh Lawal is the authentic leaders. The group of 5 members has appealed against the judgment. The recent development is that the group of 15 members approached the court on their inability to access the House of Assembly having been taken over by the group of 5 members with the help of security agents. The court ordered last week that both groups (5 & 15) should seize conducting legislative functions until the pending case is determined. This means that the Kogi House of Assembly will be in limbo and will not be able to make laws for the good of Kogi people pending when the case is finally determined.

Although the government inherited the assembly crisis from past administration and has also denied involvement in their current crisis, a courageous, enlightened and politically conscious mind will see that there is government's vested interest in the leadership crisis facing the Kogi House of Assembly. The governor, as the leader of all, should be able to call the two warring groups for a meeting for amicable resolution of their differences. This does not amount to interference of executive into the workings of legislature. We have seen PMB called a meeting between him and National Assembly members. A meeting aimed at fostering good working relationship between the executive and legislature and between the legislature inter se does not amount to interference.

The second issue at hand is the APC panel set up by APC leaders in Kogi State on allegations of anti-party activities set up by APC leaders. The allegations borders on the appointments made so far by the governor which, the party leaders alleged, favours the opposition party (PDP) more than APC. The Governor, through his aides, have denied this anti-party allegations. The party leaders had constituted a panel of 11 members disciplinary committee and anchored their action on Article 12(8) of the party's Constitution. It remains to see how the party APC can prove the allegations or how the governor will defend himself. To me, this is another ugly political situation in Kogi State.

Surprisingly, some of the members constituting the APC panel are notable APC leaders from Kogi Central, the senatorial district that produced the governor. The immediate reaction of my people within and outside government circle is to tag the people as 'anti-Ebira', 'people fighting God' 'people pursuing selfish interest' etc. This reaction of my people is understandable and is premised on 'the governor is our own', 'It is our time', 'we must protect our own'. However, beyond this sentiment, we need to look far beyond our noses and see what consequences await us in all these political crisis, especially in Ebira land.

The governor may be right on this issue. It actually might be a political vendetta orchestrated by the APC leaders just to get at the governor. In politic, just anything happens. But the mentality of some of us that 'the governor will always be right' or 'the governor cannot make mistake' is, to me, an absurdity. Only God is imbued with such attribute of infallibility. Therefore, anybody who believe that he has valid and genuine reason to be aggrieved by the governor's decision should not be seen as 'fighting God'. We should ask question of our leaders where the need arises. Constructive criticism of a leader is a service to humanity and, we owe that duty to the society. The governor is truly a product of divine intervention in Kogi State politics. But the divinity should also be maintained divinely.

The governor and some of his perceived detractors are sons of Ebira. God chose GYB today as our governor. God may decide to chose any of these other people tomorrow. Who knows? There is need for us to give sincere advise to the governor to see that most of the political crisis, especially among Anebiras, be resolved. My fear is that this crisis may take a wider dimension of clannishness. Before you know it, our people will start burning their houses and killing each other. It happened in the past and only people of shallow memories fails in learning from past histories.

Am not unaware that the governor may not want to go along with old politicians of Ebira extraction. He may want to develop his own political dynasty by bringing up new people. But there is a way he can achieve it without too much of these crises and rancour. It is however difficult to remove food from one's mouth and expect him to dance with you. But if he choose to dance with you, beware of what he stores behind.

The governor as a leader should be able to douse this political tension in Ebira land. I support him wholeheartedly to succeed to the glory of God and uplift of Anebira. He will definitely make us proud. But the task before him is to clear the obstacles on his way to succeed and he should be advised to deploy the means to achieving it. He should deploy means to reduce the number of his perceived enemies and detractors in Ebira land. These perceived enemies; Senator Mohammed Ohiare, Hadi Ametuo, Momohjimoh Lawal and others are political heavyweights in their own right. Some of them are members of the said APC panel. I could remember how Senator Mohammed Ohiare stood against Falake and his people at the APC national secretariat in November 2016 when the issue of nomination of GYB hots up. Everyone was praising Senator Ohiare for his outstanding and fearless display at the party Secretariat in support for GYB. We seem to have forgotten so quickly without asking what suddenly happened between GYB and Senator Mohammed Ohiare. These people that are now seen as enemies have contributed one way or the other to the stage we found ourselves today. Dino Melaye is only being very clever. He saw that there exists serious division and fights among Ebira politicians in Ebira land, he capitalized on the situation to establish the committee with active support of Ebira politicians. That's what happens when a house is divided against itself.

The supremacy of the party was re-echoed in the recent judgments in which our victory was sustained by the election tribunal. It is that doctrine of supremacy of the party that makes our governor to step in and continued from where late Audu stopped in the election. It is the same party that has now set its machinery in motion to probe our governor for anti-party activities. Aside the legality or otherwise of the party's actions, it does not augur well that the governor be at loggerhead with his own party while contending with court cases of the opposition party (PDP). The remote cause of this APC petition is the state of disunity and lingering political crisis in Ebira land. That's the genesis and, no one should blame it on Dino Melaye.

These perceived enemies have their followers and sympathizers in large numbers. They have the means and potentials to cause trouble for the larger society. Anyone who underrate them does so at his/her own peril. A leper (ojavu) said: 'if I cannot make tea, I can use leg to pour it away'. Any adult that is familiar with the political terrain of Ebira will easily remember the play-out of this particular adage at certain point in our political history. Whatever is their motive, it is still my belief that the governor can diffuse this political tension as the leader of all. It is not to call their bluffs or demonize them or crucify them. Such cause of action only breeds and invites political chaos, turmoil, disunity, violence, tension and eternal crisis. The governor should, as a matter of urgency, call the leadership of Ebira Peoples Association, the traditional rulers and Ohinoyi of Ebira land to wade into this matter. The national secretariat of the party should not be left out of the peaceful resolution. Political crisis occurs everywhere and you see parties to the dispute succumb to mediation. The governor should not listen to people goading him on. Some of them are sychophants, praise singers and political layabouts looking for what will come into their pockets. It is dangerous to listen to them.

The governor is working, to the administration of all and sundry who appreciate hardwork. Much as I pray for his success for the overall interest of the generality of Kogi people, I sue for peace in my fatherland. The governor is for all Kogi people but I prefer to see him as a unifying force and rallying point for Ebira people. We have no person presently to adequately address as our political leader in Ebira land. I want him to develop himself as one. What it takes is humility, courageousness and perseverance.  I prefer to see him as laying foundation for sustainedb  peace, cohesion and unity in my fatherland.

May God guide our governor in all his steps.

Suleiman Abdulraheen Esq

REVIVE AJAOKUTA STEEL The Bedrock of Nigeria Industrialisation

1-We had the AjaokutaPublicHearing today and the revelations are mind boggling! Do you know Ajaokuta Steel has a university on site?

2-The steel that costs us so much money to import from China can actually be quite easily manufactured in Ajaokuta AjaokutaPublicHearing

3-President Shehu Shagari is a great patriot who meant well for Nigeria by conceiving of Ajaokuta. AjaokutaPublicHearing

4-If we revive Ajaokuta, global auto makers can make cars right here in Nigeria with our steel at a reduced price AjaokutaPublicHearing

5-Ajaokuta can be revived with far less than it cost Nigeria to sustain our greedy political elite in just one year AjaokutaPublicHearing

6-As vital as Ajaokuta is to national devt, ministers in charge didn't show up. But would show up for budget defence!AjaokutaPublicHearing

7-By virtue of the public procurement amendment bill passed by the senate today, we owe it a duty to revive Ajaokuta AjaokutaPublicHearing

8-Ajaokuta has its own airstrip, university, power station and 43 companies. It's an unforgivable sin to let it rot AjaokutaPublicHearing

Courtesy @benmurraybruce

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