Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Elections: Testing the popularity of Ebira Senatorial candidates

2015 Senatorial candidates for Kogi Central District

With just few days to the general elections in Nigeria, we are conducting a web poll to test the popularity of Ebira senatorial candidates for the March 28 elections.

 Please follow the link below to cast a vote for your favourite candidate.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


By Amina-Ann Onozasi Salami

Late Abdulazeez Omeiza Aliyu
On the 14th of March 2015, the clock of change stopped ticking, a huge dark cloud loomed and the embers of sorrow struck light. The evil whispers of the evening wind sang the funeral dirge " Abdulazeez Omeiza Aliyu the gallant unwavering freedom fighter have taken a bow, AOA has gone to the great beyond" Late Abdulazeez Omeiza Aliyu fondly called AOA died in a car accident alongside his brother Late have left many hearts thrown into grief and wailings, although most of us never met him personally, the shock and grief we felt were great-words cannot express.

AOA was not just a distinguished citizen he was also a noble son of Ebiraland. A young man in his prime with a great commitment to his motherland on his shoulders when he was caught mangled in the accident.
Those who rationalise sorrow in circumstance like this would offer comfort that "Only the good die young",but that is poor comfort for his family and the people of Ebiraland who have been deprived of a virtuous and principled young man with ideals which claimed the admiration of all especially the youths and those who believe in the preservation of justice, equal rights, freedom and most importantly democracy. Those of us who have followed him and read his statements over months cannot let pass un-noticed his deep commitment to make Ebiraland in particular and kogi state in general a better place to live in.

We cannot forget the great risk of unpopularity which he took when he declared his intention to run for the gubernatorial seat for Kogi state in the 2016 governorship election.
No one in Ebiraland or Kogi state with a place in their hearts for equal rights and justice and for humanity can but regret the death of the Late AOA.

While some versed philosophers put forward the proposition that " to live is to die, and to die is to live", we lesser mortals are saddened by such cruelty and barbarism.
The Late AOA was the architect of his destiny and though he rightly fought for what he believed, the Ebira nation owe him a great debt of gratitude. His indomitable spirit coupled with his Sterling qualities and his unusual ability to exicte enthusiasm and patriotism have sired the fire of zeal for the liberation of Ebiraland among the youths.

Whether people agree with his political sentiments or not we can all agree that AOA was a fighter to the end of his life.
Now he lies dead, executed by d sharp irons and triggered fire of his vehicle as he pursued his God-given rights in the quest for justice, equal rights and his people dignity.
AOA however, will live because the things which he stood for are deeply engraved in the hearts and minds of his people.

A young man of courage, AOA had no fear of death, he was willing if that was the ultimate price he had to pay in the pursuit of his people liberation. In spite of our sadness over his death,  it is only right for us as Anebiras to dry our tears, end our sorrows and join in the liquidation of hatred,  enslavement, discrimination, oppression and injustice meted to Ebiraland.  Just like in his (AOA) words;
" Its not that i am the wisest or the richest. I am just a representation of the youth whose ambition is inspired by the untold suffering, hardship, oppression and misgovernance driven by the present administration"
It is only proper that we honour and immortalize this young man.

AOA is gone, but he has left the Ebira people with the means and the will to fight for our emancipation,  we  MUST NOT fail him, we CANNOT afford to fail him.
He has created a struggle that will endure for long or forever.
Deep was his longing and love for the land of his birth, he preached love, unity and tolerance among Anebiras, his popular quote " untill every ebira man sees another as an
ebira man and not as an Okene, Eganyi or
Ihima man, we may never progress - His
Excellency Abdulazeez Omeiza" endeared him to many.

Most of us would have hoped he could have lived to see the fulfillment of the things for which he stood and for which he fought and to realize the achievement of the ideals for which he died.
The loss which his parents, wife, children, siblings and family have suffered as a result of his death (and his brother's) is shared by all Anebiras.
AOA was loved by all, his love for others was infectious, his goodwill and humane nature transcends our borders and goes forth to reach all who have had the opportunity to meet him, know him, or work with him.

Little wonder, why his 3 days Fidau prayers was attended by people from all walks of life. The presence governor of Kano state, Rabiu Kwankwoso, the deputy governor, royal fathers led by the Ohinoyi of Anebira in Kano state and prominent religious leaders as well as people who have been touched by this good man, spoke volumes as they all came to pay their respects to his nobility.
As we weep for our brother, a martyr, a freedom fighter, we must pay attention to the things for which he stood and fought for.

It is time for us to reassure ourselves and also reassure his family that he lives and "it is death that is dead" not AOA.

His remarkable footprints will remain indelible in the sands of time. May God be with him and may he Rest in Peace. Amen.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Breaking News: 80 year old kidnapped American missionary freed in Kogi

Per Second News has reported the release of the 80 year old kidnapped American missionary.

Banabas Attah, Per Second News, Lokoja---

American missionary Phyllis Sortor, who was kidnapped last month by masked gunmen in Kogi State, Nigeria, has been freed.

Security agents in Nigeria refused to provide details of her release, but said it involved some form of negotiations.

Per Second News report last month reveal that five men abducted Sortor, a missionary from Seattle with the Free Methodist Church, from her workplace February 23 and demanded a ransom of 60 million Naira ($301,500), and confirmed by Kogi state police Commissioner Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi said.

In a week long operation led by members of the Kogi Police and a team of FBI officials who flew into Kogi last week, the 80 year old American was released Friday after a long negotiation with the kidnappers.

Journalists in Kogi state had a spat with the American F.B.I agents  who refused Nigerian journalists from interviewing the released victim. 

At some point Sortor interacted with journalists telling them about her ordeal all through her period in captivity but was stopped abruptly by a member of the U.S FBI .

The 80-year-old missionary worker with Methodist Church resident in Emi-Woro community along Ajaokuta/Okene road was reported to have been abducted by unknown gunmen within the church premises recently.

 Kogi state governor, Idris Wada,  who was eagerly waiting to receive the American Missionary was disappointed as the aged woman was whisked away to Abuja by the U.S FBI team.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Police kill notorious hoodlum in 9-hr gun battle in Ilorin

By Demola Akinyemi

ILORIN—A notorious hoodlum, who has been terrorising Ilorin and environ was killed yesterday at Pakata area of the city, while an army officer sustained severe injury in a fierce battle that lasted nine hours.

Eye witness account told Vanguard that Anifowoshe community in Pakata, Ilorin, Kwara State capital, was a theatre of war in the battle between the hoodlum and a combined team of Army, Airforce and Police.

Residents of the area were held hostage for hours, while the main road around Government Girls Day Secondary School was blocked by the security team, thus preventing vehicular movement from both sides.

The suspect, believed to be in his thirties, suspected to be a policeman from Okene, Kogi State, reportedly rented an apartment in the area for his wife and aged mother  from where he had been carrying out his nefarious activities.

The source said:  “In the ensuing crossfire, the suspect was said to have been gunned down,while an unidentified man of Nigeria Army among the security team sustained wound on his arm as a result of bullet fired at him by the suspect.

“The area became tension soaked while the gun duel, which started around 2am of yesterday’s morning lasted till around 11am.”

Another eyewitness account said the security operatives had been on the trail of the suspect for the past three days

Friday, February 27, 2015

Do not betray our support - Ebira youths tell Kogi APC Governorship aspirant

Abdulazeez Omeiza Aliyu
By Ismail M. Kabir

The Kogi state governorship aspirant, Alhaji Abdulazeez Omeiza Aliyu has been told not to disappoint the people of Kogi central senatorial district in the face of growing support for his ambition.

The call was made yesterday in Abuja when a group of youth from Kogi central met with the aspirant, Alhaji Abdulazeez Omeiza Aliyu who is contesting under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The meeting which held at the Funplex Garden, Wuse Zone 6 in Abuja was conveyed by the President of Ebira Unity Forum, Prince Abdulkarim with the aim of initiating a structure for periodic interaction with the gubernatorial aspirants ahead of his public declaration.

The highpoint of the meeting was the unanimous declaration of support for the gubernatorial aspirant by the comrades and a call for the development of a workable plan for timely mobilization of the grassroots especially the undecided electorates just as they implored  the aspirant to avail the comrades his manifesto to guide their communication to prospective supporters.

The comrades, however, urged the aspirant to be sincere in his ambition, noting that his decision to run for the Kogi governorship race has reawakened the hope of Ebira people in the state.

Comrade Albert Isah, in his contribution, told the gathering that Abdulazeez Omeiza has taken a bold step by breaking the long silence.

"I have already made up my mind to contest for the Kogi governorship election if nobody deemed it necessary to contest in Kogi central". Albert berated the lack of interest by Ebira notable politicians to contest the number one seat in the state since 2011.

Other comrades at the event reechoed the need to salvage the people of Kogi central from the pangs of maladministration, poverty and marginalization in a state where the resources is enjoyed only by a particular zone.

"In the past, we had a similar experience where we all rallied around a young man but later found out that he was out to trade", Comrade Ismaila Aminu said, urging the aspirant to work with all the major stakeholders in Ebira politics regardless of their party affiliations.

Comrade Abdulrazaq Mamman charged the aspirant to be firm and remain true to his ambition, saying that the cause should not be viewed as personal but for the good of Ebira people in particular and Kogi State in general.

"I want to assure you that my presence here today is not for you but for our people back home. My support for you is to ensure that an Ebira man becomes the governor of Kogi state in the next election and I want to be remembered for my role in ensuring your success".

Comrade Abdulrazaq further charged the attendants to be selfless in their solidarity for the aspirants and called for a formidable structure to drive the agenda.

Responding, Abdulaziz Omeiza thanked the comrades for their intelligent contributions.

"I am dumbfounded by your impressive contributions. It is a great pleasure holding this brainstorming session with you today.

" All the suggestions are noted and will be considered".

Abdulazeez reminded the gathering that since the ban on Kogi governorship campaign by INEC was yet to be lifted, only consultation was necessary for the time being but assured the comrades that his manifesto would be ready in a couple of weeks.

Other comrades at the meeting included the former president of the National Association Kogi State Students (NAKOSS), Cmr. Abubakar Eneye Shuaibu, Cmr. John Alabi, Cmr. Abubakar Kamaldeen (Moon), Cmr. Ahmed Isah (Mark One O) and Cmr. Ismail M. Kabir of EbiraView Media.

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